Chapter 1250: Hide from the Whole World!

As he couldn’t continue questioning the two of them, Elder Ouyang swiftly changed his target. “Shang Yulin, what were you doing?!”

Rong Xiu brought Chu Yue to fool around, but what ident.i.ty does he have to play along with them?!

However, Shang Yulin really wasn’t afraid of Elder Ouyang. Hearing this, he crossed his arms and lazily answered, “Didn’t you see it all just now? I was helping him! Don’t you see what he’s holding?”

He had thought about the Chi Xiao Sword for many years but didn’t even get to see it once. Now that he finally had the chance, it had already recognized Chu Yue as its owner. He was naturally unhappy and indignant, but what else could he do?

This kind of Yuan instrument wouldn’t easily recognize someone as its owner.

Even if he had thought about it for many years, he didn’t dare to harbor such hopes. From start to end, he only wanted to wait for the Chi Xiao Sword to come into the world. Then, he could have a chance to study it in close proximity after it was brought back to the academy.

After a twist of events, it had now become Chu Yue’s. Other than the word ‘fate,’ he couldn’t describe it in any other way.

If Chu Yue wanted to refine its weapon soul, how could he just watch on without caring? After all, he had thought about the Chi Xiao Sword for so many years yet still missed it. Even if it wasn’t for Chu Yue, he had to take action for this Chi Xiao Sword!

Elder Ouyang felt that his entire person was unwell. He closed his eyes and held his forehead as it ached. These people are all troublemakers! But they clearly have sharp tongues, causing it to be hard for me to argue with them.

“Ouyang, there’s not much meaning in you asking this now!” Shang Yulin stroked his chin. “Didn’t you also partic.i.p.ate just now?”

If Shang Yulin didn’t urge me, would I have done such a thing?! It’s also my fault for being foolish—I actually helped! Elder Ouyang was speechless. “Hmph, do you mean that we’re all on the same boat now?”

Shang Yulin glanced at him strangely, and his entire face had an expression of ‘obviously.’

Elder Ouyang’s brows twitched harshly. He felt that he was wrong to even think about conversing with them.

Shang Yulin—he was frequently not in the academy and always went into seclusion once he came back. He was always very carefree and did whatever he wanted.

Rong Xiu—one of the most outstanding talents in the academy, and he had a high status. He even held more power than some elders did.

Chu Yue—there was nothing much to say about him except that he was a stupid kid with an extreme amount of courage! He even committed mistakes repeatedly!

Elder Ouyang took a deep breath in and tried his best to calm himself down. “Shang Yulin, Bo Yan will know about what has happened tonight sooner or later.”

Shang Yulin nodded. “Of course, he’ll know.”

A portion of Bo Yan’s force was within the barrier and the Xuan formation below Million Wine Mountain.

“However, this is nothing much. He already knows that Chu Yue has the Chi Xiao Sword. Refining the weapon soul… How can it be considered a mistake? If that item was with me, I’d do it too,” Shang Yulin said nonchalantly and looked regretful. “It’s a pity I don’t have the luck.”

Then, he looked at Chu Liuyue again. “Since I have helped you today, what do you think of lending me the Chi Xiao Sword for a day some other time?”

Chu Liuyue already faintly knew that he had cared about the Chi Xiao Sword for many years and swiftly nodded. “Elder, I’ll do all that I can to repay your favor. You can just let me know whenever you need it.”

Since the Chi Xiao Sword has already become mine completely, other people can’t forcefully s.n.a.t.c.h it from me. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

Seeing that Chu Yue was so decisive, Shang Yulin instantly had a better impression of him. “Hahaha! Okay! With your sentence, I didn’t help you in vain today!”

As he spoke, he was agitated and even wanted to reach out to pat Chu Liuyue’s shoulders.

Rong Xiu silently took a step forward and stood in between the two of them, preventing Shang Yulin’s fan-sized hand from landing. “Elder Ouyang, I actually brought Junior Brother Chu Yue over today. Everything happened because of me, and I’m willing to take full responsibility.”

“Rong Xiu, you—” Elder Ouyang had long guessed that Rong Xiu would stand up for Chu Yue, but he still couldn’t help feeling shocked when he heard Rong Xiu say this. I really don’t understand why Rong Xiu is so protective of Chu Yue, but I have to admit that with Rong Xiu standing up for him, this incident won’t be too severe.

He glanced at Rong Xiu deeply and shook his head to sigh. “He hasn’t come to this place in a few years. I never expected you to come here this time because—”

He had only said his sentence halfway when he stopped and looked hesitant with his words.

Rong Xiu’s expression was normal as he smiled faintly. “I haven’t had the chance to thank you for today.”

Elder Ouyang completely lost his temper. He then surveyed his surroundings and knitted his brows.

The mountain peak was filled with debris. Countless trees had tipped over, and many rocks had fallen down as they were hit by the countless lightning bolts. A large patch of black had also appeared with deep cracks.

Anyone who saw it could guess what had happened here.

“It seems like we have to close Million Wine Mountain for a while.” Judging by its current appearance, quite a bit of effort had to be used to refurbish the area.

The dark clouds in the sky gradually dissipated.

It was already dawn, and the white horizon could be seen in the sky. It seemed like daybreak was about to arrive.

“Let’s go! Let’s go find Bo Yan!” Elder Ouyang sighed deeply and left first.

Chu Liuyue turned around and looked at the fountain—Tuan Zi was still inside.

She opened her mouth and wanted to shout, but a thought suddenly flashed across her mind.

“Kid, what are you looking at? Follow me!” Elder Ouyang urged her from the front.

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze. “Coming.”

Her figure flashed and left together with him, not turning back again.

A ripple occurred in the fountain and quickly disappeared.

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