Chapter 905: Warmth


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“We’re home!” Su Binglan smiled as she looked at the scenery in the village. The sky was already dark, and smoke came out of the chimneys of every household.

Luo Jin’an noticed how happy his wife was. “Yeah, we’re home.”

Even Su Binglan could not help but feel relaxed at that moment. The village resembled a paradise to her. She then got off her horse and entered the village with Luo Jin’an.

Many villagers saw Su Binglan and greeted her warmly. Everyone was excited for her return.

“Miss Su, you’re back!”

“Everyone missed you so much!”

“Welcome home, Binglan! We’re so happy to see you. Would you like to come in and eat?”

Everyone welcomed Su Binglan home enthusiastically. Some were outside enjoying the shade at their doorstep, while others were bringing firewood home to cook

Su Binglan felt warm inside when she saw everyone’s smiles and listened to everyone’s welcoming words. She greeted them, “Yeah, I’m back. You’re having dinner so early, Miss Liu.

“That’s okay, Madam Lin. I’ll go home and eat. You guys have a good dinner, okay?”

When Su Binglan pa.s.sed by Li Dazhuangs house, Old Madam Li was sitting at the door with a little boy in her arms. The old woman seemed to be waiting for someone when she saw Su Binglan. “Binglan, you’re back!”

“l am, Old Madam Li.” Su Binglan was stunned when she saw the little one.

She smiled and asked, “Is that Dazhuang and Xiaochengs son?”

Old Madam Li chuckled, saying, “Yeah, he is. He’s obedient and doesn’t cause us to worry. Dazhuang went to deliver goods to the hotpot restaurant, and Xiaocheng went to help.”

The old woman was enthusiastic. She knew it was thanks to Su Binglan that her family’s life had improved. She did not know how to thank Su Binglan for her kindness.

Li Erying had previously studied at the medical school and now helped Su Wenxiu with patients. She was one of the first batch of students who studied medicine and had become a senior student. She was responsible for guiding her juniors.

Li Eryings personality changed after studying medicine. She became even livelier and more confident. Moreover, her skin had become fairer after eating and sleeping well in the medical school dormitory.

Old Madam Li had even sent her grandson, Li Sanzhu, to the comprehensive college to study. In the future, it would be easier for him to build a career.

Now that the old woman was in good health, she would help Li Dazhuang and Jiang Xiaocheng care for their child. However, the couple did not want her to tire herself out.

Even so, Old Madam Li did not mind it. She was delighted to see her great- grandson every day. She told Su Binglan about everything.

After Li Mei and Du Xiaoshuan got married, Li Mei got pregnant.

“Li Mei is on maternity leave at home. Everyone is grateful to you, Miss Su. Li Shi and Zhou Shan have gotten married, too. There are so many factories and people around us.

“The young ones can get to know each other as they come and go. Everyone can fall in love and get married if fate deems it so. Many people want to settle down here.’

Su Binglan was pleased to hear that. She knew she had done good deeds. Shen Qiuhua had told her about many things through letters, too. Liu Qiao and Song Yi were also expecting.

Su Binglan chatted with the villagers on her way home. When she arrived,

Shen Qiuhua was cutting noodles in the courtyard. The latter was so excited when she saw her daughter and son-in-law that she almost dropped her knife.

“Binglan, Jin’an, when did you get back?!” Shen Qiuhua rubbed her eyes, suspecting she was hallucinating.

Su Binglan walked over and hugged her mother, saying, “Yes, I am, Mother. I’ll stay a little longer, okay?”

“It’s good that you’re finally home,” Shen Qiuhua said happily, “Everyone missed you so much. Oh, Xuexuan and Xuehai are on their summer break. They’ve been asking me when you’d return.”

Su Binglan smiled. “l know, I was the one who arranged the summer vacation, after all. I wanted everyone to have a balance of work and play. Where are the little ones, though?”

Shen Qiuhua chuckled. “They’re outside playing around. All the children have gathered to play since they’re on summer vacation. Regardless of whether someone’s a boy or girl, their parents don’t ask them to work like before. They can play together if they want.”

The adults were much more relaxed after their families’ conditions improved. They wanted their children to enjoy their childhood as much as possible.

“Also, your father went to the mountain to look at the wheat fields. He also threw some potatoes because they were too small. I think they might grow a little in a few days.

“l didn’t expect so many potatoes to grow under the seedlings. No wonder the yield is so high. We can eat the crops and vegetables we grew. 1 think they taste better than the ones we can buy.” Shen Qiuhua knew she was biased, but it was what she felt.

Su Binglan saw the potatoes at the side of the courtyard, and they looked like the family had just dug them from the ground. She then continued to chat with her mother happily.

Soon after, Shen Qiuhua looked at Luo Jin’an and said, “Have a seat, dear. What would you like to eat for dinner? I’ll cook it for you.”

She had only just found out about Luo Jin’an’s ident.i.ty, and her heart ached for him. She knew how loyal the Wei family was and how much they had sacrificed for the country.

When she lived with the Shen family, she often heard her G.o.dmother talk about the Wei family. The old woman was full of admiration for them. Shen Qiuhua never expected her son-in-law to be Wei Jin’an.

“You don’t have to trouble yourself, Mother-in-law,” Luo Jin’an spoke gently,

“l can help you cook instead.”

“There’s no need. I’d prefer it if you rested.”

Su Binglan smiled and said, “Mother always tells me to treat you better in her letters. My family feels sorry for what happened to you and your family.”

Luo Jin’an felt warm inside. “Bing treats me very well, Mother-in-law.”

Shen Qiuhua responded, “Then don’t tire yourself out. This is your home, too, you know. Tell me what you want to eat, and I’ll make it for you, okay?”

Su Binglan looked at the things in the kitchen and asked, “Mother, are you making noodles tonight?”

Shen Qiuhua explained, “The weather is so hot now, so I’m making cold noodles. I just need to boil the noodles and then cool them dovvn with cold water. I’ll mix them with some sauce soon.’

After some thought, Su Binglan said, “Mother, why don’t we eat Liangpi?”

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