Chapter 906: Making Liangpi


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Su Binglan did not think about what to cook for dinner on her way back to the village. She had even planned to ask her family what they wanted when she got home.

However, when she saw what her mother was making, she thought of making Liangpi, which was a cold noodle dish. Since it was hot during the summer, eating some Liangpi would help cool them down.

Shen Qiuhua knew it was a new delicacy when her daughter mentioned a new word. The former was excited, asking, “Is Liangpi a new dish?”

Su Binglan smiled. “Yes, it is. It’s best to eat it in the summer.”

“Binglan, it’s good to have you back. We always have something new to eat when you’re around. I usually don’t have much of an appet.i.te in the summer. It’s unlike winter when I can eat three meals a day.”

Su Binglan said, “Eating the usual hot dishes during summer doesn’t taste as good as it does during the winter. Even my appet.i.te dwindles around this season. I’d get full after just a few bites.”

Only the crabs and crayfish she had cooked the other day were appetizing, so she ate a lot of that.

Shen Qiuhua continued to cut the noodles as she said, “You’re right. 1 always want to eat something light and refreshing during summer. Fortunately, we have fruit juice and popsicles.

“I sent some to your grandparents, but they weren’t enough. The weather will get hotter in a while, too. If only we had more popsicles. Also, we’ve started

putting our juice bottles into the well.

“It’s refreshing when we take them out to drink. Putting them into the well cools them down. It’s just like you taught us.” Shen Qiuhua was happy that her daughter and son-in-law had returned.

She could not help but chatter on, “My G.o.dparents sent me a letter saying that Blossom Village is developing perfectly. The two factories have improved the villagers’ living conditions.

Everyone is grateful to you and respects my G.o.dparents very much. If the villagers need something, they will discuss it with my G.o.dmother first. They’re always enthusiastic when they see my G.o.dfather.

“I’m pleased that everyone respects my G.o.dparents. I’ve always wanted people to love and respect them. Now that it has come true, I must thank you for it,

Binglan. ”

Of course, she hoped her G.o.dparents would live well.

Su Binglan understood her mother’s feelings. She never stopped thinking about her parents when she went to the capital. She only hoped they were comfortable and relaxed in Su Teng Village.

“There’s no need for thanks between a mother and daughter. Also, we don’t have to make noodles to make Liangpi.”

Shen Qiuhua said, “But I’m almost finished with making these noodles. I’ll cut them up and dry them. We can cook these next time. There’s a cold noodle shop on the food street now, and business is good.

“Your father and I ate there before, and it tasted good. The cold noodles boosted my appet.i.te, so I wanted to make them myself. Then, everyone will have an appet.i.te to eat.”

Su Binglan and Luo Jin’an went to wash their hands to help Shen Qiuhua prepare the noodles. The older woman said, “After drying these, we can boil them in the pot. Are we making Liangpi now, Binglan?”

Shen Qiuhua looked at her daughter expectantly, feeling her appet.i.te rise when she thought about Su Binglan’s culinary skills. Still, the older woman wondered how Liangpi would taste.

Su Binglan smiled. “It’ll take a little too long to make that now. We should eat it later.’

Shen Qiuhua hurriedly said, “That’s okay since it’s still around the start of summer. Your father and brother will be happy to eat it when they find out you’re home and planning to cook.

“It’s so hot at noon. We only had lunch later in the afternoon. I don’t think the others are that hungry yet. I just made the noodles because I wanted to prepare myself.

“They probably aren’t hungry yet. They can eat your cold noodles later if they get hungry. ”

“All right, then we’ll have Lianpi later. Let’s cook something else now.”

Su Binglan started to prepare the Liangpi while Luo Jin’an helped on the side. Shen Qiuhua told Luo Jin’an, “Rest and let me help Binglan.”

Her heart ached when she thought of what Luo Jin’an had experienced in the past. She treated him as her own.

“It’s okay, Mother-in-law. Let me help. I’m not tired, after all.”

Shen Qiuhua suggested, “Why don’t we prepare dinner at the stone bench and table under the tree? It’ll be cooler there.’

The Su family’s house was ma.s.sive. They had a big tree in the courtyard with some stone chairs and a table below. There were also summer mats around them, and they would enjoy the shade there sometimes. Moreover, it was much more convenient to cook on the stone table.

Su Binglan looked toward the stone table and nodded. “All right, let’s cook over there.’

After bringing the ingredients to the table, she added salt and flour to the dough and then kneaded it. Shen Qiuhua asked, “Binglan, do you still need to knead the dough?”

“Yes, Mother.” Su Binglan nodded and explained, “Liangpi is made from flour, too. Still, it tastes different from ordinary noodles.”

“I know it’ll be delicious,” Shen Qiuhua said, “Your father and the others will be thrilled that you’re home. Oh, your father’s memories have been returning in his sleep recently. Still, they’re too vague.

“He said that he seemed to have acknowledged a foster father in the past. That man taught him martial arts. Your father also said his foster father treated him well, but your father couldn’t remember what the man looked like. I feel your father might remember everything soon.”

Su Binglan became wide-eyed when she heard that, and she immediately stopped kneading the dough. She looked at Luo Jin’an and remembered him telling her about the Black Shadow Pavilion.

According to the timeline, it was at the same time Su Fengmao lost his memory. Moreover, the portrait of the young master of the Black Shadow Pavilion was of her father in his younger days.

Su Binglan had already suspected her father of being the young man in the portrait. However, the Black Shadow Pavilion was a complex group. She did not want her father to be in danger.

Su Binglan wanted to save the master of the Black Shadow Pavilion. Even Luo Jin’an had gone to make arrangements for that. Su Binglan never expected her father to remember anything from back then.

Since Su Fengmao had begun to regain some of his memories, the information Su Binglan had found must have been true.

“Did Father say anything else?”

“He didn’t, but I think he’s pretty worried about his foster father. Your father

never really wanted to recover his memories. Still, he became anxious to do so after thinking of his foster father.”

Su Binglan speculated, “If Father is anxious to regain his memories, perhaps something can stimulate his memories. We’re not in a hurry for now, so let’s find his foster father first.’

Shen Qiuhua understood her daughter’s meaning, saying, “Binglan, do you know where the man is?”

Su Binglan nodded. “Yeah, he’s the master of the Black Shadow Pavilion, but it’s best to keep it a secret for now. The group is going through some complex matters now..”

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