The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By AllThe Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All Chapter 907: Washing and Freezing Noodles

Chapter 907: Washing and Freezing Noodles


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“l understand,” Shen Qiuhua said solemnly. She understood the meaning behind internal unrest because she had lived with the Shen family before. Internal power struggles were fierce, even within the Shan family.

Indeed, the Black Shadow Pavilion was dangerous. Shen Qiuhua did not want her husband to take any risks.

Su Binglan looked at her mother’s reaction and comforted her, “Don’t worry,

Mother. It’s not as complicated as you think. I’ll handle it well, okay?”

Shen Qiuhua felt relieved after hearing her daughter’s words. She knew Su Binglan possessed unique abilities but would not ask about them. The older woman simply needed to trust her daughter.

“l can rest a.s.sured that you’ll handle it, dear.”

Su Binglan placed the kneaded noodles into the basin and said, “Leave these to rest for a while.’

While waiting, Shen Qiuhua poured some tea for her daughter and son-in-law. “You two didn’t even get a sip of water when you got home. Here, drink some tea.’

Su Binglan drank a mouthful and raised her brow. “Mother, these tea leaves are pretty good. Where’d you get them?”

The Su family did not produce tea leaves. Instead, they bought the ones they used from the market. People sold various tea leaves there, but they were more expensive.

The management of tea leaves was stricter in this era. In the past, it was difficult for ordinary people to get them. Only high-ranking government officials could get tea leaves.

The previous emperor had set up several taxes on tea leaves, so people could not willingly buy and sell them. Instead, they had to go through the government, and the quant.i.ty and price were stipulated.

However, Lan Ruozhu abolished that system and significantly reduced the taxes on tea leaves. He even encouraged everyone to grow and manage their tea leaves.

He wanted the commoners to enjoy tea just like the government officials did. After all, drinking tea was a healthy form of enjoyment for everyone.

Su Binglan liked the tea her mother served, and even Luo Jin’an nodded in agreement.

Shen Qiuhua said smilingly, “A Southerner named Lu Chi came to the village to buy paper. He brought plenty of paper from our mill and became a regular customer, so he brought his local tea leaves for us to try.

“Your father and I didn’t want to accept them initially, but he said he nurtured the tea leaves himself. He called this green tea and still has black tea back home. Lu Chi said he’d bring us some next time.”

Shen Qiuhua happily continued, “Lu Chi is nice, especially his children. Of course, I gave them some local specialties in return.”

After some thought, Su Binglan said, “It’d be good if we could open a tea house. We can even plant, pick, and package tea leaves. Then, we can entertain guests by tasting and buying our tea leaves.

“We’ll sell regular tea leaves for cheap and sell the higher grade ones a little higher. Then everyone can afford it.”

Shen Qiuhua felt motivated when she heard that. “If that’s the case, the villagers can use tea leaves, too, right?”

Su Binglan nodded. “Of course they can.”

“But Binglan, can we prioritize the ice cream factory? I fear we can’t open a tea house simultaneously.” Shen Qiuhua felt her daughter had too many things to handle.

Su Binglan explained, “Mother, we can grow tea leaves in many places.”

She had her pocket dimension to improve the tea leaves and increase their adaptability. She could then grow them anywhere and open a tea shop.

“Still, we’re not desperate for a tea shop. I already planned to build the ice cream factory when 1 came home. I can open a Liangpi factory, too.”

Shen Qiuhua was happy to hear that. “l want everyone to be able to have ice cream. We’ll harvest our wheat soon so people can eat ice cream to relieve themselves from the summer heat.

“If you need my or your fathers help, just let us know, okay? Your people are managing the paper mill and printing factory, so your father and I have nothing much to do.” Shen Qiuhua felt motivated to help her daughter.

Su Binglan said, “l don’t want to trouble you and Father. I have plenty of people working for me now. The comprehensive college will also nurture talented management individuals. I might need you and Father to handle the people below.”

“Will that make things easier for you, Binglan?”

“Yes, Mother. Then, I’ll have time to handle other things.” Su Binglan looked at the dough and said, “Mother, we can wash the dough now.”

Shen Qiuhua hurriedly took out a large basin and handed it to her daughter. The former then looked at Su Binglan and curiously asked, “How do I was them?”

Su Binglan patiently explained, “It’s similar to washing clothes. Here, watch how I do it.’

“All right.” Shen Qiuhua looked on thoughtfully.

“Just rub the noodles together and wash them like this.” Su Binglan demonstrated her methods by pouring cold water into the basin.

Shen Qiuhua looked on. “It’s very similar to washing clothes. I know how to do it now. I can take over and wash the dough.”

Luo Jin’an stepped forward. “Let me do it.”

“It’s okay, Jin’an. I like doing these things with Binglan.” Shen Qiuhua did not feel like she was working. Instead, she felt like she was having fun.

Su Binglan told her husband, “It’s okay, dear. You can help with the fire later.

Let Mother cook with me, okay? After all, I’ll need her help when 1 open the Liangpi factory.”

Su Binglan knew she still had many things to do and could not stay in Su Teng Village forever. Therefore, she still needed her parents’ help to care for the factories in the village.

Although her subordinates were in charge, her parents knew much about the factories. They could keep Su Binglan updated on the factories through letters, too.

Luo Jin’an could only nod while Shen Qiuhua rushed into the house to wash the noodles with her daughter.

“If you wash the dough like this, the water will turn white. The noodles must also have a degree of thickness.”

“l understand now.” Shen Qiuhua nodded, committing her daughter’s methods to memory.

Afterward, Su Binglan removed the dough and filtered the water, saying, “Repeat these steps until the water is clear. The washed dough should resemble a firm ball.

Shen Qiuhua listened to her daughter and rolled the dough into a ball. “What

do we do next?”

“We’ll freeze this dough for a while,” Su Binglan said as she took the dough to the cellar. She had turned it into an ice cellar the family sometimes used as a refrigerator. She placed the dough inside to chill it.

“Now, we have to wait for the starch to settle.’

“Okay, dear. Are you and Jin’an hungry? Do you want something to snack on while we wait?”

“What about you, Jin’an?’! Su Binglan asked, “Would you like to eat something first?”

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