Chapter 909: Simple and Elegant


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“All right,” Luo Jin’an said. He liked doing things for Su Binglan and felt needed by her.

The family had many metal rods at home, so he quickly made a few drilling needles. Shen Qiuhua then picked up one of the needles and threaded the pearls with her daughter.

Su Binglan explained while working, “Mother, just do it like this.”

Shen Qiuhua found the process pretty novel. “Can we string these together to make several necklaces?”

“Yeah, we have enough pearls to make a few strings.”

Shen Qiuhua looked at her daughter, saying, “Let’s make one for you, Yinyin, your grandma, aunts, and sisters-in-law. We should have enough, right?”

Su Binglan understood her mother’s intentions. She smiled and said, “Aunt Ding gave us plenty of pearls. We have enough to make necklaces for everyone.”

Shen Qiuhua was ecstatic. “Let’s finish threading these together. Afterward, we’ll send them to everyone.”

Since the noodles were not cold, the duo could not make the cold noodles. Because of that, they spent their time making necklaces first.

At that moment, Su Wenzhe and Liu Yinyin returned with their sons. They were thrilled when they saw Su Binglan and Luo Jin’an.

Liu Yinyin and Su Wenzhe were excited. They simultaneously greeted, “Welcome back! ”

Su Xuexuan and Su Xuehai ran to Su Binglan and Luo Jin’an. “Welcome home,

Uncle Jin’an and Aunt Binglan!’

Su Binglan hurriedly put down her pearls and said with concern, “Slow down, you two.”

Luo Jin’an doted on the two children and quickly carried them.

Su Wenzhe said, “Jin’an is still as strong as ever. The kids are already so big, but he can still carry them in one go.”

Su Wenzhe envied his brother-in-law’s strength. He always thought Luo Jin’an could chop firewood too easily, and the size would be consistent. Su Wenzhe thought it was strange yet amazing.

He also felt Luo Jin’an possessed a unique temperament but did not overthink it. Su Wenzhe only found out about Luo Jin’an’s true ident.i.ty after Lan Ruozhu cleared the Wei family’s name.

Su Wenzhe was shocked when he heard the news. After all, he idolized Wei Jin’an. Su Wenzhe was sad when he thought Wei Jin’an had died. He felt aggrieved for the Wei family, too.

Even so, Su Wenzhe was excited when he found out about his brother-in-law’s true ident.i.ty. He wanted to treat Luo Jin’an well, mainly because they were family.

Su Wenzhe felt excited and cordial when he saw Luo Jin’an. Even he wanted to hug his brother-in-law at that moment, not to mention his sons.

‘Young Marshal Wei is the G.o.d of War in everyone’s hearts. He’s my brother-in-law, too! I wish I could brag about it.’

Previously, Su Wenzhe had been upset because he felt he could have treated

Luo Jin’an better. The former smiled, saying, “Don’t tire yourself out,

Brother-in-law. My sons are getting heavy. Take a rest.”

Su Wenzhe smiled as he spoke to Luo Jin’an. The latter looked at his brother-in-law strangely, thinking something was wrong with him.

“It’s okay, I can carry them.”

Liu Yinyin’s lips twitched as she watched her husband’s weird behavior. Of course, she knew why he behaved like that. Even Liu Yinyin felt emotional when she found out about the Wei family.

She happily approached Su Binglan to talk to her. She noticed her motherand sister-in-law stringing pearls together and asked curiously, “Are you stringing up the pearls? Let me help.”

Liu Yinyin sat on the stone bench beside Su Binglan.

Shen Qiuhua smiled and said, “We’re making pearl necklaces. All the women in our family will have one.”

Liu Yinyin lit up. “These would look excellent as necklaces. Women can’t resist their glow.”

Su Binglan told Liu Yinyin, “These will look better on you because of your fair skin.’

Liu Yinyin was so happy that she could not stop smiling. “The pearls will look good on you, too, since you’re so beautiful. You look pretty even without jewelry or makeup.”

She thought Su Binglan looked gorgeous, even in simple clothing. Liu Yinyin thought her sister-in-law possessed a n.o.ble aura and beauty that could make an entire country faint.

Su Binglan smiled, saying, “I’m not used to wearing jewelry. You and Mother can wear them.’

Shen Qiuhua said, “You’ll have to wear it since everyone else will have a pearl  necklace. I want you to have nice things, too.”

“All right, Mother.” Su Binglan could feel how well her mother treated her. It felt good to have parents who loved her. It felt like home.

Later, Su Binglan realized it was time to remove the noodles from the ice cellar. Su Wenzhe rushed over when he saw the ingredients. “Sister, you’re making us a new dish again?”

Liu Yinyin criticized him, “All you focus on is eating.”

Su Wenzhe said, “Of course I am. That’s because Sister’s cooking is always delicious. I don’t even have much appet.i.te for hot food in the summer. I wonder what Sister is making this time.”

Su Binglan explained, “I’ll be making Liangpi. It’s delicious, so you don’t have to worry about losing your appet.i.te. You don’t have to worry about it being hot, either.’

“Let me help you cook,” Su Wenzhe said as he hurried to wash his hands. “I’ll start the fire to boil the noodles.’

A while later, Su Binglan stirred the starch at the bottom of the pot to mix it into a paste. She then took the wheat flour, added some fermented ingredients, and kneaded them evenly before allowing them to ferment further.

“Mother, could you get me a plate and brush it with oil?”

“All right, dear.” Shen Qiuhua did as her daughter said.

Soon after, Su Binglan scooped some flour paste and placed it on a plate. She then carried the plate to the stove and aside, “Brother, have you boiled the water?”

“Not yet. I’ll be done in a while.” Su Wenzhe quickly put the firewood into the furnace and started the fire. Soon after, the water began to boil, and Su Binglan placed the plate into the pot before closing the lid to steam it.

A while later, she opened the lid and saw the surface of the Liangpi bubbling. She said smilingly, “It’s done steaming now.”

“Is that all?” Shen Qiuhua asked, “Is this Liangpi?”

Su Binglan nodded. “Yeah, this is what the dish looks like. Don’t worry. We still need to cool it down with cold water.’

Shen Qiuhua watched as her daughter removed the Liangpi from the plate after it cooled down. Liu Yinyin looked at the Liangpi and exclaimed, “It looks transparent! ”

“Yeah, the cold noodles are thicker than others but still taste delicious. Don’t forget about the wheat flour. We must put it into the pot and steam it.”

Su Binglan then placed the fermented flour into the pot and steamed it. “We can eat after this. Now, we can start preparing the seasonings..”

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