Chapter 1678: Betrayal


Translator: Lonelytree

The servants of Lin Garden were all rich. Some of them either gave money to their families or saved it for themselves.

Although the year-end bonus was a big sum of money, it was nothing to the little master’s grievances and tears. As long as the little master was happy, it was fine.

Uncle Tou, who was being criticized by everyone, shouted,” Who said I’m not willing?! ”

Everyone looked over in unison. Uncle Tou t s face was flushed red as he explained,” I didn’t even have the time to agree, and one or two of you rushed over.”

At this point, Uncle Tou lowered his head and coaxed Little Green,” Little Master, don’t cry. It was Uncle Tows fault. How about this? I’ll give you all my year-end bonus, okay?”

Little Green broke into a smile and immediately said to Uncle Tou,” Thank you, Uncle Tou. However, I said that I only want two-thirds of it, not a single copper coin more!”

Everyone was speechless.

Uncle Tou was speechless.

Uh, why only two-thirds and not all of it?

Uncle Tou was on the verge of breaking down. He fawned over Little Green and said,” Little master, my little ancestor, I’ll give you all of Uncle Tou r s bonus. I don’t want it anymore!” When he said this, his eyes were filled with reluctance and heartache.

One had to know that he had really offended his future master for this year-end bonus.

His future master would definitely hold a grudge. Would he still have a good life in the future?

But that was all. Now, he didn’t even have this year-end bonus.

However, this was one thing. Most importantly, he had become a sinner now, a sinner who had made the little master cry.

He… He felt so wronged.

Little Green pretended to push it away a few times, then happily accepted the bonus.

Imperial Grandprince Manor

“Princess, there’s news from the palace that the Imperial Astronomical Supervisor is calculating the wedding date for a new couple!” A young eunuch was very respectful to the beautiful woman sitting on the seat of honour. She was not wearing heavy makeup, but she was becoming more and more charming.

In the Imperial Grandprince Manor, the servants still addressed Xiao Jingyu as Princess.

Because she did not like to be addressed as ” Madam.”

That was because it would remind her of how she had changed from a wife to a concubine.

She was a princess from a foreign country, but she was only a concubine of an imperial grandprince after marrying into a foreign country.

How could she swallow this anger?

Xiao Jingyu used her charm to make the eldest grandprince only dote on her and listen to her every word.

Several times, she used pillow talk to ask the imperial grandprince to raise her status from the concubine to the main wife.

However, the eldest grandprince agreed, but the emperor did not.

This made Xiao Jingyu so angry that she stomped her feet and secretly hated him.

However, she was helpless against the Emperor.

She had once tried to charm the emperor, but the emperor was not affected at all.

This made her angry and anxious, but at the same time, she felt afraid.

She didn’t know why the old Emperor didn’t fall for it, but she had a vague feeling in her heart that all of this had something to do with Lin Yuelan.

Therefore, after using seduction techniques once or twice and almost being discovered, Xiao Jingyu did not dare to use seduction techniques on the Emperor easily.

However, while she couldn’t use the Charm Technique on the old Emperor, she could use it on the people around the Emperor.

Therefore, she would be the first to know about the news in the palace.

Xiao Jingyu was indifferent to the news sent by the eunuch. She took a cup of tea from the servant girl, opened the lid, and took a sip. She asked,” Which prince or princess in the palace is getting married?”

In the past two years, ever since she married Yuwen Xuhong, she had been constantly planting spies into the various factions, especially the palace. She had put in a lot of effort, and it was obvious that she had achieved unexpected results.

However, the only thing that made her unhappy was that she couldn’t get any spies into Zhengguo General’s Estate, Princess Guguo’s estate and Lin Yuelan’s Ni Lai Wo w.a.n.g Inn and Lin’s Hospital.

Therefore, she could not get any information about Jiang Zhennan and Lin Yuelan’s whereabouts.

Sometimes, she heard that in the past two years, the two had been in Taoyuan Village. She had used all sorts of methods to send people into Taoyuan Village. However, the strange thing was that those people she sent, whether they were servants or villagers, would be rejected. They had no chance to enter Taoyuan Village at all.

Therefore, she could only send people to infiltrate the Lin family village and the surrounding villages to pay attention to the movements of Taoyuan Village or Lin Yuelan’s whereabouts!

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