Chapter 655: Side Story Ten

Chu Yichen quickly wiped off the blood.

Only then did Nangong Yi let go of the hand covering Beibei’s eyes.

Beibei looked at Chu Yichen, who had gone out with the water bucket, and asked Nangong Yi curiously, “Uncle, what is he doing?”

Nangong Yi said with mixed feelings, “Your grandfather is cleaning.”

Beibei nodded.

At this moment, Chu Yichen walked in.

Nangong Yi finally remembered what was important and said to him, “Since you’re the leader of the killer organization, shouldn’t you call Junior? She must be going crazy searching for Beibei after she suddenly disappeared.”

Chu Yichen pursed his lips and thought for a while before nodding.

Then, he went to the bedroom inside. After a while, he walked out with a phone.

He handed the phone to Nangong Yi. “Call.”

Nangong Yi nodded and took the phone to call Chu Luo.

When Chu Luo’s voice came, Beibei’s eyes lit up. She quickly shouted, “Mommy, Mommy.”

Seeing that Beibei was so excited, Nangong Yi handed her the phone.

Beibei took the phone.

Chu Luo knew that Beibei had been taken away with Nangong Yi, and she also knew that Nangong Yi would protect Beibei well. At the same time, when she followed over, she had learned that the leader here had changed.

That was why she hadn’t appeared immediately.

However, hearing Beibei’s voice, she subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief.

She asked, “Beibei, are you afraid?”

Beibei said, “I’m not. Uncle will protect Beibei. Also…”

At this point, Beibei suddenly looked up at Chu Yichen. The person opposite her looked as old as her father. She subconsciously said, “There’s another uncle.”

Nangong Yi quickly corrected Beibei. “Beibei, he’s your grandfather.”


Chu Yichen suddenly denied.

Nangong Yi looked at Chu Yichen strangely.

At this moment, two figures appeared in front of them.

When Beibei saw the two of them, she immediately shouted excitedly, “Daddy, Mommy.”

Li Yan walked over and took Beibei from Nangong Yi’s arms.

Chu Luo smiled at Nangong Yi. “Senior, welcome back.”

Nangong Yi also smiled at Chu Luo.

“Junior, long time no see.”

Chu Luo turned to Chu Yichen and called out, “General.”

Chu Yichen said, “It’s me.”

Chu Luo’s lips curled up. “It was your order that made the organization suddenly disappear, right?”


“When did you become the leader of the organization?”

“Three months ago.”

Chu Yichen looked at Li Yan.

The two men with equally powerful auras stared at each other.

Chu Luo glanced at them, walked over, took Beibei, and said to Nangong Yi, “Senior, let’s go out and chat.”

Nangong Yi glanced at Li Yan and Chu Yichen and nodded at Chu Luo.

The two of them led Beibei out.

The two of them didn’t walk far and stopped in the courtyard in front. Chu Luo asked Beibei to play on the ground by herself for a while. She asked Nangong Yi, “Senior, why did you only appear after three years?”

“After that island sank, there was a problem with the medicinal liquid that could help me recover.”

“When did you wake up?”

“Half a year ago.”

“Where’s Ink Feather?”

“It’s still around, but we founded a proper company.”

Hearing this, Chu Luo smiled. “Is the robot company that suddenly rose to eminence recently yours?”

Nangong Yi also smiled. “Yes.”

At this point, the two of them looked at Beibei, who was playing with b.u.t.terflies by a cl.u.s.ter of flowers. They looked at each other and smiled.

Li Yan and Chu Yichen chatted for almost an hour before walking out of the inner courtyard at the same time.

Li Yan asked Chu Luo, “Luoluo, do you want to go back immediately or stay here for the night?”

It was already evening.

Chu Luo looked at Chu Yichen.

Chu Yichen said, “There are many empty rooms here.”

It was obvious what he meant. He wanted them to stay for the night before leaving.

Chu Luo thought for a moment. She had something to ask him, so she nodded and said to Li Yan, “Yan, why don’t we stay for the night before leaving?”

Li Yan listened to her.

The four of them stayed here.

Just as they were about to eat, Chu Yichen called someone over and ordered him, “Get everyone to gather in the conference hall. I have something important to announce.”

After that person left, Chu Yichen took out a token and walked up to Beibei.

When Beibei saw Chu Yichen walking over, perhaps because her parents were here, she was no longer afraid of him.

Chu Yichen handed her the token. “This is for you.”

Beibei looked at the token curiously with her big, gla.s.s-like eyes and didn’t take it.

Chu Luo looked at the token in surprise. “General, why did you give Beibei the token that can mobilize the organization?”

Chu Yichen looked at Beibei. After a while, he said, “A greeting gift.”

Chu Luo lowered her eyes and thought for a while. Then, she said to Beibei, “Beibei, thank Uncle.”

“Thank you, Uncle.” Beibei knew that it was her mother’s intention for her to accept the gift. After thanking him, she took the token.

After Beibei took the token, Chu Yichen said to Chu Luo and Li Yan, “Take Beibei to the conference hall with me and let everyone see her.”

Chu Luo and Li Yan looked at each other. Li Yan nodded at her and the two of them led Beibei to the conference hall.

The conference hall here was especially big. Many people were already gathered inside.

These people all had a murderous aura. It was obvious that they had been living on the edge for a long time.

They were discussing why their leader had gathered them all.

When Chu Yichen brought Li Yan, Chu Luo, and Beibei in, everyone stopped talking.

Chu Yichen stood in his position and said, “From now on, she will be your little mistress. Whoever dares to be disrespectful to her will be disrespectful to me. Those who are disrespectful to me will be killed without mercy!”

Shock flashed across all the killers’ faces.

However, no one stood up to refute.

They knew best how ruthless and skilled Chu Yichen was in punis.h.i.+ng people.

“Yes, Chief.”

After bringing Beibei to the killers, they returned to Chu Yichen’s residence.

He got someone to prepare a lot of wine and dishes.

Still, no one served him.

Chu Yichen’s dining area was similar to how the n.o.ble families in the Kingdom of Phoenix Skies entertained guests. Each person had a short table to themselves.

Chu Yichen sat in the host’s seat while Chu Luo, Li Yan, and Beibei sat at the low tables that were joined together.

Nangong Yi sat opposite them.

Nangong Yi didn’t know what the relations.h.i.+p between the three of them was, but he kept feeling that the atmosphere between them was strange.

Especially when the dishes were served, Li Yan asked with a displeased expression, “Why isn’t there anything Beibei can eat?”

Chu Yichen immediately got someone to prepare a few types of food suitable for children.

Li Yan carried Beibei in his arms and fed her spoon by spoon.

There was a wine bottle beside Chu Luo’s hand. She filled it herself and picked it up. “General, although I don’t know what happened that made you come over, I still want to toast you.”

Chu Yichen opened his mouth and clinked cups with her without saying anything. The two of them drank the wine in one go.

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