The Wife Of The Wealthy Family Is Fierce And Cute.The Wife Of The Wealthy Family Is Fierce And Cute. Chapter 656 - Side Story Eleven (1)

Chapter 656: Side Story Eleven (1)

After Chu Luo and Chu Yichen finished drinking, they turned to look at Nangong Yi.

Nangong Yi also opened his mouth. He wanted to ask, but he felt that it wasn’t appropriate. So he only raised his cup and smiled at Chu Luo. “Junior, I have yet to congratulate you for giving birth to such a beautiful daughter. Congratulations.”

Chu Luo poured herself more wine and raised her cup at him. “Thank you, Senior.”

When Beibei, who was eating, heard Nangong Yi praise her, she immediately revealed a sweet smile.

Then, she looked at the bottle of wine beside Li Yan and tugged at his sleeve. She said expectantly, “Daddy, Beibei wants to drink too.”

“No.” Li Yan refused. “Children can’t drink.”

Beibei pouted, a little unhappy.

At this moment, Chu Yichen suddenly said, “The priestess’s daughter should be raised to drink from a young age.”

These words immediately attracted the attention of the four of them.

Chu Yichen poured himself a cup of wine and lowered his eyes without looking at them. He continued, “Beibei was born with the power of a priestess. If she’s still in Phoenix Skies, she should be the next successor of the priestess.”

“This isn’t Phoenix Skies anymore.” Li Yan’s voice was a little low. “General, I said before that we should learn to let go when necessary.”

Chu Yichen still didn’t look at him. He drank the wine in his cup and poured himself another cup.

Beibei looked at the two of them, then finally turned to Chu Luo.

Chu Luo smiled and waved at her. “Is Beibei full? If so, come to Mommy.”

She wasn’t surprised, for the two men had always interacted like this.

When Beibei heard Chu Luo’s question, she got up from Li Yan’s arms and walked over to her.

Chu Luo asked her to sit beside her. She gave Beibei an apple and continued drinking and eating.

Li Yan and Chu Yichen started drinking without saying anything.

The two of them drank one cup after another. Their postures were majestic and no one dared to interfere.

Nangong Yi glanced at the three of them and seemed to have thought of something. He imitated Chu Luo and ate as he drank.

When Beibei nibbled on the apple, her nose twitched like a puppy.

Nangong Yi couldn’t help but laugh.

Beibei immediately realized that he was laughing at her and pouted at him unhappily.

“Cough, cough.” Nangong Yi clenched his fist and placed it by his lips, pretending to cough. He asked her, “Beibei, does that apple in your hand taste good?”

“Yes.” Beibei nodded at him. After saying that, she glanced at the wine bottle and wine cup in front of her. Her eyes darted around before she stood up and walked up to him with the apple. As she looked at the wine cup in front of him, she handed the apple to him. “Uncle, eat.”

Nangong Yi restrained his laughter and shook his head. “Uncle isn’t eating.”

After saying that, he drank the wine in front of him. Then, he stopped pouring any more wine and started eating.

Beibei looked at him and seemed to have thought of something. She walked to his side and sat down. She first stole a glance at Chu Luo. Seeing that she wasn’t looking over, she tugged at Nangong Yi’s clothes.

Nangong Yi tilted his head and looked at her.

Beibei gave him her most brilliant smile. “Uncle, does your wine taste good?”

Nangong Yi nodded. “Yes it does.”

The tip of Beibei’s nose twitched. She subconsciously lowered her voice. “Beibei wants to try it too.”

“No, you’re still young.”

“Beibei only wants to try a little.”

As Beibei spoke, she even used her fingers to gesture a little.

Nangong Yi still shook his head. “No.”

Beibei looked at his face and, confirming that he wasn’t accommodating at all, angrily took the apple and bit it.

She looked at him as she bit into the apple.

Nangong Yi’s heart melted at Beibei’s adorable expression. He said, “Although I can’t let you drink, I can take you out to play. Do you want to go out and play?”

Beibei glanced at the three of them drinking and nodded.

Nangong Yi stood up from his seat and held her hand as he said to Chu Luo and Li Yan, “I’ll take Beibei out to digest our food.”

Chu Luo thanked him. “Thank you, Senior.”

Nangong Yi smiled and nodded, then held Beibei’s hand and left.

The three of them stayed in the living room and continued drinking.

Li Yan and Chu Yichen had similar alcohol tolerance. After G.o.d knew how long, Nangong Yi carried the sleeping Beibei in.

Chu Luo took Beibei and said to Li Yan, “Yan, Beibei is asleep. Let’s go rest too.”

Li Yan put down the wine cup by his lips and stood up. “That’s all for today. Which room is ours?”

Chu Yichen looked down at the wine in the cup and didn’t even look up. “Go straight to the right. Those are all guest rooms. You can choose any one.”

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