True Martial World

True Martial World summary: True Martial World is an exciting story mostly related to the action genre. The name itself speaks a lot about that, so it is not hard to conclude it. However, the story is not just fixed to that genre, but it is more like a mixture of several different genres where the action is a dominant one. For instance, there are also romance, comedy, fantasy, adventure and mystery related events in this novel, and they are all combined in the same story with different twists and turns.    True Martial World is currently available in the online version only, so if you are a fan of such books, this might be a nice solution for your reading needs. It is published on NovelOnlineFull, where a lot of details are visible on the story. You can clearly notice the book is very popular and has a high rating on the website. The reader's interest is obviously big, and the book records millions of views.    There are also hundreds of mainly positive votes on the story, and they explain the reader's satisfaction. The content is clearly very good so you have an opportunity to enjoy it as well. To start reading, you need an account on the website. If you do not have one, you can simply create it. The registration is free and open for all, so you should not encounter any type of problem. The book is very long, and you have to be aware of that fact. There are over 1300 chapters, so you have a lot of content to read.    The story is full of various battle events and happenings. The army will challenge another one, so you can become a witness of these fights. However, the decisive battle will happen between the Human Emperor named Lin Ming and his biggest rival, the Abyssal Demon King. These two characters constantly compete against each other, and his rivalry is becoming more intense as the battle is coming close. But before this happens several martial arts masters seek a way to the martial art world.    They are stuck in a vortex but are mainly not aware of the fact. But Yi Yun, a young adult from the new Earth, has had much more luck than these masters. He stepped suddenly into the martial arts world despite the fact that he did not want to go there at all. However, the new opportunity arises, and he can do a lot of things in the new location. So he starts exploring and investigating the surrounding areas. The path will lead him to various adventures full of actions.    Some of these are going to be quite beneficial for this young man, while others are going to be potentially dangerous. Yi Yun will have to take care of himself in order to avoid any type of trouble. And the readers have an opportunity to find out what happens next. So if you want to do that, the best solution is to begin reading the novel. No one can explain better than the book itself, so you should not avoid that chance.  

Alternatives: Zhenwu Shijie; 真武世界
Status: ongoing
Genres: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Romance Xuanhuan Mystery
Views: 14480244
0 Divine Capital arc
1 Chapter 1 - Grave of Yi Yun
2 Chapter 2 - Elder Sister
3 Chapter 3 - If I were to become an expert
4 Chapter 4 - Who said I didn’t have any males in my house
5 Chapter 5 - Lian Chengyu
6 Chapter 6 - Purple Blood Warrior
7 Chapter 7 - Desolate Bones
8 Chapter 8 - Killed Secretly
9 Chapter 9 - Peculiar Body Transformation
10 Chapter 10 - The Peculiar Body’s Sensation
11 Chapter 11 - The Reason for the Change
12 Chapter 12 - Do you know about the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom
13 Chapter 13 - The Unexpected Outcome of picking Herbs
14 Chapter 14 - Sucking it all dry
15 Chapter 15 - Thunder Occurring in the Nine Clouds, Surprise Bow Drops Flock
16 Chapter 16 - Leave some soup for Lian Chengyu
17 Chapter 17 - Tendons like bowstrings
18 Chapter 18 - If you cook any further, it will be overcooked
19 Chapter 19 - Vigor
20 Chapter 20 - Yi Yun’s suspicions
21 Chapter 21 - Lian Chengyu exits Isolation
22 Chapter 22 - Recruitment
23 Chapter 23 - Yi Yun’s Elixir Refinement
24 Chapter 24 - Frost Toxin
25 Chapter 25 - Self-mutilating Cultivation
26 Chapter 26 - Thunderous
27 Chapter 27 - Sick
28 Chapter 28 - Faking
29 Chapter 29 - Opening up the Meridians
30 Chapter 30 - Jin Long Wei*
31 Chapter 31 - Preliminaries
32 Chapter 32 - The weak are enslaved as slaves
33 Chapter 33 - Eating a Large Pagoda Tree
34 Chapter 34 - Jiang Xiaorou’s warning
35 Chapter 35 - Cornerstone Skill of the Army
36 Chapter 36 - Really have to eat the tree?
37 Chapter 37 - Twelve Moves
38 Chapter 38 - Charm
39 Chapter 39 - A person’s most painful experience in life
40 Chapter 40 - Each having a Scheme
41 Chapter 41 - Wounded
42 Chapter 42 - Jumping down the Chasm
43 Chapter 43 - No Law, No Shape, No Void, No Me
44 Chapter 44 - Female Desolate Heaven Master
45 Chapter 45 - Purple Clouds’ Birth
46 Chapter 46 - Cleared Meridians, Dragon Pulse
47 Chapter 47 - Scrounging a free meal
48 Chapter 48 - As a glutton with principles, no compromises
49 Chapter 49 - I want one item
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