Unscientific Beast TamingUnscientific Beast Taming Chapter 1777: Shocking That the Sixth Cosmic Life Form Was Actually… (4)

Chapter 1777: Shocking That the Sixth Cosmic Life Form Was Actually… (4)


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“…It’s good that you’re all fine.” Shi Yu smiled as he looked at the pets that had reached the divine level of the era. Apart from that, his level…

18th heavenly layer!

It was a ridiculous level.

In terms of level alone, it was almost equivalent to a super divine Beast Tamer who had “transcended eight times”.

Coupled with the abilities of the pets, they were almost invincible below the peak of the super divine level. They might even be able to touch the weaker peak of the super divine level.

Shi Yu really didn’t expect that he would reach the strongest battle power below the cosmic level in such a short period of time.

Was this the strength after the fusion of past and present power?

It felt too good.

Unfortunately, if only there was a future body…

If he fused another source of transcendence, Shi Yu couldn’t believe how strong he would be.

“Teacher Lily, thank you.” Shi Yu was really grateful to this guy this time. If it weren’t for the fact that she had taught them the method to hide the will of the universe, they would definitely have been severely injured by the lightning tribulation.

Shi Yu would have to reach this step sooner or later. If they dealt with it themselves, it would be very dangerous. Fortunately, Lily was here this time. This time, Shi Yu was willing to call her teacher.

Well, Qi’s teacher.

“No need to thank me,” Lily said. “Next, it’s time for you to challenge Her Majesty.”

“Oh??” Shi Yu was stunned. “Wait, wait.”

“Something’s still wrong, right? With my current strength, challenging the empress is still courting death.”

Lily said, “Of course not alone. From the start, I didn’t plan to let you challenge it alone.”

“What do you mean?” Shi Yu asked.

“Didn’t you realize? When you were sleeping, I had already paid a small price. The modified contract method of the previous era signed a ‘temporary contract’ with you. I’ll a.s.sist you in this battle.” After Lily finished speaking, Shi Yu suddenly opened his mouth wide. The pets also opened their mouths wide.


Shi Yu… contracted a portion of the sixth cosmic life form??

“Why didn’t you ask for my permission!”

“I don’t really want to ask for your opinion,” Lily said. “If you’re unhappy, I can remove it now.”

“No, no need. It’s pretty good.”

“However, why don’t I feel any powerful attribute feedback…”

“Do you want to die?” Lily was speechless. “I already said that it’s an improved contract method. Under normal circ.u.mstances, it’s impossible for us to contract.”

“I understand, I understand.”

Shi Yu hurriedly checked his situation. Then, as expected, he saw an unbelievable phantom representing Lily in her contract connection.

However, it wasn’t in human form.

Instead, it was a white and fat big white rabbit. It seemed to be the main body of Lily??

Shi Yu was extremely shocked.

It was really inhumane.

Of course, what shocked him the most was that he kept feeling that this big white rabbit had a familiar feeling…

This fat and beautiful feeling…

Shi Yu’s thoughts immediately returned to his previous life, the era on Earth.

At this moment, he was still a young and energetic non-mainstream mythical scholar and archeologist.

The reason why it was said to be non-mainstream was that his research direction was very different from the mainstream research direction in society.

After all, he only decided to become an archeologist after watching “The Adventures of the Dragon”. How could he become a proper archeologist?

Therefore, Shi Yu’s archeological activities were basically carried out alone.

One mission was carried out in a certain mountain area…

He pa.s.sed by the th.o.r.n.y forest and was just about to sit down and rest for a while when he discovered a fat and white rabbit in the swaying gra.s.s.

From the looks of it, his leg was injured and he couldn’t run.

“Eh, heh.” Shi Yu didn’t even think about it. He directly pulled up her two big ears and raised them, revealing a happy expression.

“We’re pretty lucky. Lunch is here.”

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