Unscientific Beast TamingUnscientific Beast Taming Chapter 1779: Returning to the Origin Universe (2)

Chapter 1779: Returning to the Origin Universe (2)


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Soon, a huge mecha descended in this s.p.a.ce.

Apart from Shi Yu himself who had entered the mecha book, 13 light b.a.l.l.s of different colors floated on the light wheel behind the mecha.

They represented Shi Yu’s pets.

The current mecha was even more perfect than before. It had a total of 13 sure-kill skills that represented the strongest profundities of various pets. Apart from that, there were also some profundities with pretty good compatibility that could be combined a second time.

It could be said that he had used the Beast Taming Talent such as Fusion and Weaponization to the extreme.


After arming it, a huge sword with four colors appeared in the huge mecha’s hand. It was completely condensed from the power of faith of the four saints and was called the Four Saints Sword.


Shi Yu waved the Four Saints Sword. The phantoms of the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise roared in the sword light and swept across, slashing at the Super Empress.

The feeling of tearing through the air penetrated and instantly arrived in front of the Super Empress. However, in the face of this attack, she only slowly raised her hand. The terrifying black psychic wave was instantly like a huge hand, blocking in front of the Four Saints Sword.

No matter how hard Shi Yu tried, he couldn’t slash down the Four Saints Sword.

“d.a.m.n.” In the mecha, Shi Yu couldn’t help but feel stifled. No way.


In the next moment, as the Super Empress squeezed her palm, the Four Saints Sword exploded with a bang. Cracks suddenly appeared in the four light b.a.l.l.s representing Buggy and the others.

“With this power, forget about me, I’m afraid you can’t even defeat the guy beside you.”

“Is this your full strength? It seems a little wishful thinking to only have such strength to become the holder of the universe.”

“Contracting the universe is even more difficult than resisting the restart of the cosmic consciousness in the apocalypse. I feel that you didn’t realize the difficulty of the problem from the start.”

The Super Empress seemed to be very disappointed in Shi Yu’s strength.

“Regardless of whether I can contract the universe or not, I have to think of a way to stop you.”

“Just because I’m very weak now doesn’t mean that I’m also very weak in the future. From the strength of a mortal to now, we only used less than ten years.”

Shi Yu’s Four Saints Sword shattered. Two black and white Yin Yang Fish appeared in his hand again, turning into two illuminates that penetrated.

The light was vast, but still, the Super Empress didn’t even move before the skills were crushed by its psychic power.

“The reason why I let you leave and allowed you to mess around is because you do give me a familiar feeling.”

“Just as she said, it’s indeed possible for us to know each other in the last era. This is the reason why I tacitly agreed to your nonsense.”

“But now, you should have realized the difference, right?”

“I can give you a chance now. If you’re also very interested in returning to the last era, we can cooperate, as long as you don’t have other unrealistic fantasies.”

In the eyes of the Super Empress, the difficulty of directly returning to the previous era was far smaller than becoming the holder of the universe.

Now, she didn’t even have concrete confidence in returning to the last era. She really didn’t have any intention of placing her hopes on any cosmic holder.

“Although I do want to go back and figure out some things, this premise shouldn’t be the destruction of this cosmic era.”

Shi Yu kept attacking and changing his attacks, but he was still easily resolved by the Super Empress every time.

“Is it because of your boring saintly heart?” The Super Empress was very disappointed.

“That’s not it. What happens to people I don’t know has nothing to do with me. It’s just that if this era is destroyed, I might have a headache. This is because apart from unrelated people, I still have many friends here.” Shi Yu thought of the gem cat and the others.

“I can’t satisfy my curiosity with the premise of hurting them, so it seems that becoming the holder of the universe is the best solution. This way, it’s fine no matter how I mess around.”

“Your Majesty, you’ve been in this era for so long. Don’t you have any nostalgia for this era?”


Shi Yu was immediately flipped over by psychic power. The mecha was in pieces, but it barely withstood the attack. However, in the mecha, Shi Yu was still forced to vomit blood.

“F*ck, big white rabbit, didn’t you say you wanted to strengthen me? Why don’t I feel that I’ve been strengthened at all after attacking so many times?” Shi Yu couldn’t help but shout.

“Huh??” Lily, who was meditating at the side, frowned. How bold.

What was a big white rabbit?

She sighed heavily and said, “I’m just looking for my state. How can it be that easy?”

“The empress indeed made some friends at the start, but these friends didn’t live as long as her. As time pa.s.sed, she was the only one left.”

“In addition, the obsession left behind by the previous era tortured her day and night, making her suffer endlessly. In the end, she made such a decision.”

“All the nostalgia for this era is on me, but unfortunately, I can’t defeat her. Of course, she can’t destroy me either. In short, you can’t convince her with just this.”

“Then what should we do? I can’t defeat her either.”

The little thoughts that Shi Yu had swelled up at the start disappeared immediately.

At this moment, Eleven and the others also had a long face. They felt that even if they used their full strength, they couldn’t cause any damage to the Super Empress.

It was like a scratch.

This guy’s strength was much stronger than he imagined.

Perhaps now, the other party had the power to challenge a cosmic level.

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