Unscientific Beast TamingUnscientific Beast Taming Chapter 1780: Returning to the Origin Universe (3)

Chapter 1780: Returning to the Origin Universe (3)


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Otherwise, why would they dare to start capturing the Time Sprite and killing the people of the cosmic overlord army?

“Alright.” At this moment, as Lily opened her eyes, Shi Yu and the others finally sensed a powerful force slowly rising from their bodies.

It had been strengthened by Lily!

This strengthening method wasn’t the strengthening of traditional power, but seemed to be the strengthening of will and heart.

But no matter what, Shi Yu and the others immediately felt their strength increase steadily in an instant.

Apart from that, all the injuries on his body began to slowly recover.

Just as Shi Yu and the others were excited and prepared to fight the Super Empress again, the Super Empress sighed and looked at Lily. “As expected, you still chose this path.”

“This is the only way for me to defeat you.”

“It wasn’t easy to find a suitable and gullible guy. I naturally have to make good use of him.”

“If I can defeat you, you’ll listen to me this once. How about that?”

The conversation between the Super Empress and Lily confused Shi Yu and the others.

But soon, Shi Yu and the others’ expressions changed.

Because they suddenly felt that although they had been strengthened in an instant just now, in the next moment, their strength was suddenly absorbed.

In its place, the power on Lily’s body increased greatly.


White psychic waves formed a substantial aura around her. Opposite her, the Super Empress’s body also began to emit a black aura. The collision of the auras of the two parties directly dyed the s.p.a.ce and time here into a black and white world.

Under the two powers close to the cosmic level, Shi Yu and the others were like rookies who had been involved in a battle between experts. Just resisting the aura impact of both parties was already very difficult.

“Ahhh.” Qi had already been blown away and grabbed Shi Yu’s mecha’s light wheel to escape.

“Big white rabbit, what are you doing?” Shi Yu felt that his strength was being extracted by Lily and that he was becoming weak. He was furious.

“Sorry, I’ll borrow your power. As expected, it’s still too difficult to rely on you to fight her. Leave the rest to me.”

“I mean, why are the traces of your life burning when you extract my power??” Shi Yu questioned.

“Wait a minute.” Shi Yu was very puzzled by the contract signed by Lily.

Lily didn’t say anything. At this moment, segments appeared in Secretary Lily’s mind.

Senior Panda Lin Xiuzhu handed Iron-eating Beast Eleven to Shi Yu.

The frost dragon threw out the Ice Dragon Whiskers and snorted coldly as it taught a little worm how to shapeshift into a real Ice Dragon.

The archeological senior, Lu Qingyi, brought Shi Yu to the senior of Bureau 11 to take away the ginseng baby that was unwilling to be an ingredient…

There was also a gem cat that brought Shi Yu to the Undead Battlefield to farm monsters and help Chi Tong evolve continuously.

Every time Shi Yu contracted and cultivated a pet, he would establish a deeper connection with many people through this pet. This connection even made Shi Yu not care much about his previous life. Compared to Earth, Blue Planet was the place for him to stay more comfortably.

He wanted to go back only because of curiosity and exploration.

But it was definitely impossible to ignore everything now because of this curiosity.

Originally, the Super Empress also had such emotions, but because the obsession to return was too strong, these emotions separated and became Lily.

Lily knew that if she wanted the empress to change her mind, she had to at least have the strength to fight the other party.

In fact, her strength was far inferior to the empress. She might be helpless to change everything with her own strength.

As for Shi Yu, he appeared at the right time.

From the start, what Lily wanted to do was not to be a “supporting pet” to a.s.sist Shi Yu in defeating the empress.

Instead, as a “Beast Tamer”, Shi Yu strengthened her strength and let her defeat the empress.

In the beginning, Shi Yu didn’t have the ability to sign a contract with her even if it was a temporary contract. Only when Shi Yu completed the fusion and broke through to the eleventh heavenly layer of the divine level did Lily see a trace of hope.

However, even at this moment, because Shi Yu was too weak and Lily’s strength was too strong, she still had to pay a certain price to complete the contract.

And the price was that when borrowing the power of a Beast Tamer, the traces of one’s life would quickly be consumed.

Although she hadn’t interacted much with Shi Yu, with Lily’s understanding of Shi Yu, Shi Yu probably wouldn’t accept such a contract and wouldn’t accept such a battle method. Therefore, Lily took the initiative and didn’t discuss it with Shi Yu.

The Super Empress looked at Lily, who not only burned her life, but also borrowed the power of others. She didn’t understand why Lily had to do this.

Next, apart from Qi, Shi Yu and all his pets were drained of their strength by Lily and fainted.

As for Qi, she watched in panic as Lily and the empress started a protracted ideological battle.

“Shi Yu, Shi Yu, get up quickly.”

Qi shouted as she used Time Reversal to recover Shi Yu’s state.

In the distance, the powerful Super Empress and Lily had already returned to their main bodies.

A white rabbit and a black rabbit were wrapped in a Psychic Shield and kept colliding in the air.

From the situation, Qi could tell that Lily was better.

However, Qi could also sense that Lily’s life state was falling rapidly through the contract with Shi Yu…

If she lost, Lily would definitely die, and if she won, she didn’t know what would happen…

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