Wu Dong Qian KunWu Dong Qian Kun Chapter 45

WDQK Chapter 45: Rising Tension

After they split their battle spoils, Lin Dong and the rest were all smiles. Even Mu Lingsha had a happy expression that reached her cheeks. After all, she came to this “Hunt” to strive for a good ranking so as to boost the reputation of the Mu Family. She did not expect to receive such a wonderful gift in the process.

Compared to this Fire Python Tiger cub, the “Hunt” had become an insignificant event.

“Let us head to the stage.” Wu Yun carefully cradled his Tiger cub as he smiled and said.

Lin Dong nodded in agreement. Even though he still lacked two more more body tags, he knew that it was not a problem.

“I won’t be going.” Besides them, Mu Lingsha silently muttered as she suddenly shook her head.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong and Wu Yun were both stunned. They stared at the tiny cub in Mu Lingsha’s arms before nodding their heads in comprehension. A Fire Python Tiger cub was extremely valuable and if she could successful tame and train it, their Mu Family would have the protection of a Heavenly Yuan Level Fire Python Tiger. That was extremely good news for their entire village!

Furthermore, in the current Mu Family, there was only one person that reached the early stage of Heavenly Yuan Level.

However, a Fire Python Tiger cub would definitely attract the envy of others and if news of this incident got out, the Lei and Xie Families would definitely pursue it. The Lin Family and the Raging Blade Dojo were both well-established factions, thus they were not fearful of the Xie and Lei Families. However, the Mu Family that Mu Lingsha belonged to was different; they were too weak to fight against the Lei and Xie Families. Therefore, the fact that she had the Tiger cub must not be revealed or it would spell calamity for the Mu Family.

“We will keep your secret.” Lin Dong softly said.

“Thank you.” Mu Lingsha gratefully said as she glanced at Lin Dong. Then she cheekily said: “If you are free in the future, you can look me up at Mu Family village. I will bring you around.”

“Haha, it’s a deal.” Wu Yun smiled as he nodded his head.

Since the two of them agreed, Mu Lingsha did not linger any further. After she said her goodbyes, she hid the tiger cub and lept onto a tree branch. Like a swift female panther, she immediately fled towards the outside the woods.

“Let’s go.”

Sending off Mu Lingsha with their gazes, Lin Dong gestured with his hand. Immediately after, he ran towards the center of the woods with Wu Yun swiftly behind.

Only a few of them made it into the deep forest and naturally, these people were quite skilled. Nonetheless, since Lin Dong had advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage, they posed little threat to him. Therefore, moments later, he had obtained the last two more tags.

During winter, the sunlight did not feel blazing hot but was instead rather comfortable. Seated in the Monster Area were thousands of black bobbing heads. Their gazes were all concentrated on the center of the Monster Arena. Situated there, was an arena atop a small hill.

“Based on my calculations, these partic.i.p.ants should reach the arena soon…” At the Lin Family area, Lin Zhentian narrowed his eyes at the arena and smiled while muttering to himself.

“Haha, Father don’t worry. Based on Lin Dong’s strength, as long as he doesn’t encounter Lei Li, it would be easy for him to obtain ten tags.” To his side, Lin Ken chuckled and said.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Zhentian smiled as he nodded his head. Just as he gathered his thoughts, waves of cheers suddenly sounded out from the Monster Arena. Soon after, he saw a few figures appearing on the giant arena. Upon seeing that one familiar figure among them, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

On the giant arena, Lin Dong and Wu Yun both revealed themselves. They looked at the huge crowd around them and marvelled. After all, it was rare to see such this many people all in one place.

Just as Lin Dong and the rest ascended onto the Stone Arena, several judges swiftly arrived and examined the tags in their hand before withdrawing once again.

Not long after, two other figures also appeared on the stone arena. However, plastered on their faces were anger and rage and they immediately turned to glare at Lin Dong and Wu Yun.

Faced with Lei Li’s and Xie Yingying’s menacing glare, Lin Dong and Wu Yun exchanged a glance before they both chuckled.

“I will not let you so easily s.n.a.t.c.h away the cubs!”

Upon seeing the two of them laugh, the anger in Lei Li’s heart burned even hotter. Promptly, he turned towards the area where the Lei and Xie Families were seated and shouted : “Grandpa, Uncle Xie, just now, me and Xie Yingying encountered a heavily injured Fire Python Tiger and its three new born cubs. After the two of us struggled with it for a long time, we finally killed it. However, right at the last moment, Wu Yun and Lin Dong launched a sneak attack and s.n.a.t.c.hed the three cubs away from us. Please help us address this injustice!”

Everyone in the crowd was stunned when they heard Lei Li’s sudden roar. However, right after they heard about the three Fire Python Tiger cubs, the entire crowd burst into an uproar.


Everyone in the audience, no matter the Lei or Xie Family, or even Lin Zhentian and Luo Cheng all immediately stood up as their facial expression changed dramatically. All of them clearly knew the prowess of the Fire Python Tiger, and three cubs represented three potential future Heavenly Yuan pract.i.tioners. This power was something that no faction could afford to ignore!

“Three Fire Python Tiger cubs?!”

Lei Bao’s face immediately flushed red. He exchanged a glance with Xie Qian as a glint flashed in his eyes before he turned to ask in a solemn voice: “Is this true?”

On the giant arena, Lin Dong and Wu Yun’s facial expressions slightly changed. They did not expect Lei Li to be so shameless.

“The Fire Python Tiger was already heavily wounded. Does that mean whoever saw it first owns it? If so, tomorrow I will circle around the deep mountains, and every Demonic Beast that I see will belong to me. In the future, if anyone catches them, they will have to compensate me!” Wu Yun’s expression darkened as he retorted with a sneer.

Wu Yun’s cheeky retort immediately caused laughter to erupt in the audience. Some people in the crowd also nodded in agreement to his logic. After all, the Fire Python Tiger belongs to no one. Hence, the cubs should belong to whoever had the ability to obtain them…

“Stop trying to find excuses!” Lei Bao shouted as his face twisted.


Before Lei Bao’s words could fade, nearby, Luo Cheng immediately slammed his palm onto his stone chair. The strength behind his blow immediately shattered the stone chair as he gripped onto the long sabre on his waist and icily said: “Head of Lei Family, anything your family member speaks is the truth. Yet when my family member speaks, it becomes nonsense? Do you think my Raging Blade Dojo is so easy to bully?”

“Everything in the world will come to those who are fated with it. How can this be counted as stealing! Old Man Lei, don’t be too overbearing.” Lin Zhentian also spoke up in an indifferent manner. When he spoke, Lin Xiao could see his palm slightly trembling in excitement. After all, mentioning the Fire Python Tiger cubs had caused him to lose his cool.

After witnessing that the Lin Family and the Raging Blade Dojo had allied together, Lei Bao’s expression slightly darkened as he icily shouted: “Fire Python Tiger indeed belongs to no one. However, Lei Li had invested effort into this, yet in the end, all the spoils were taken by your people. Therefore, even if the two of you are allied together, you must give me a satisfactory answer!”

After hearing Lei Bao’s tone, everyone could tell that he was highly unwilling to give away the cubs to the Lin Family and the Raging Blade Dojo.

“An answer? Don’t tell me you want the cubs back?” The scar on Luo Cheng’s face was wriggling like a scorpion, as he menacingly replied.

“Master Luo, things are getting heated. This will not be good for any of us. Let me suggest an alternative, as it happens, we are currently having a compet.i.tion. Why not let whoever wins take away the cubs?” After watching the situation heat up, Xie Qian suddenly suggested.

“Based on words alone, you plan to s.n.a.t.c.h the cubs away. How can there be such a good deal in this world?” Lin Zhentian sneered as he furrowed his eyebrows. Lei Li and Xie Yingying were both the most outstanding among the younger generation members from their respective families. In fact, the former may have even advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage. Wu Yun may be able to deal with them, however, it was unlikely that Lin Dong would be able to match up to Lei Li.

“I will wager my Steel Wood Manor. During this compet.i.tion, should Lei Li lose to Lin Dong, then my Steel Wood Manor shall belong to your Lin Family. However, if you lose, that cub will belong to my Lei Family. Lin Zhentian, do you dare to accept this wager?” Lei Bao eye’s flashed as he said.

“Steel Wood Manor?”

Upon hearing these words, not only was Lin Zhentian and Luo Cheng shocked, but even Xie Qian was stunned as well. The Steel Wood Manor manufactures a unique Steel Wood and it was a significant enterprise in the Lei Family. Lei Bao actually dared to use this Steel Wood Manor as a wager? However, moments later, they regained their wits after they realized that the Lei Family victory was almost guaranteed.

Lin Zhentian facial expression changed irregularly,he was obviously shocked by the stakes. Immediately, he gently shook his head. Even though the wager was lucrative, he knew that their odds were still too low. After all, even though Lin Dong was highly talented, he started training a lot later than Lei Li. If they fought now, he would likely lose.

“Father, let’s drop this notion……”

Standing behind Lin Zhentian, Lin Ken’s, Lin Xiao’s and Lin Mang’s facial expression changed as they clenched their jaws and softly muttered. If they were to lose the Fire Python Tiger cub because of this wager, it would hardly be worthwhile.

After hearing the three of them, Lin Zhentian sighed in his heart. However, just as he was about to reject, a clear voice suddenly resonated from the Stone Arena, causing everyone to be stunned.

“Alright, our Lin Family accepts your wager!”

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