Wu Dong Qian KunWu Dong Qian Kun Glossary

Great Yan Empire (大炎王朝)

Lin Clan (林氏家族/林氏宗族)
one of the four great clans in the Great Yan Empire, the Lin Family could be called a ‘branch’ of the Lin Clan
*Lin Langtian* (林琅天) – legendary person who gravely injured Lin Dong’s father
Lin Qiang (林强) [156] – random scrubs
Lin Feng (林枫) [156] – random scrubs
Lin Chen (林尘) [157] – random slightly stronger scrub
Lin Ke-er (林可儿) [157] – ruthless and powerful woman
old mister Tao/Wu Tao/old man Tao (涛老先生 /吴涛/涛老) [157] – leader of Lin Clan group to old tomb

Lin Family (林家)
*Lin Dong* (林动) – random dude at the intro of story, hope hes not the MC
Liu Yan (柳妍) – Lin Dong’s Mother
*Lin Xiao* (林啸) – Lin Dong’s Father
Lin Shan (林山) – Lin Dong’s enemy
*Lin Zhentian* (林震天) – Lin Dong’s Grandfather
*Qing Tan* (青檀) – Lin Dong’s adopted sister
Lin Changqiang (林长枪) – Has a crush on MC’s sister Qing Tan
Lin Hong (林宏) – Lin Shan’s elder brother
Lin Xia (林霞) – Daughter of 1st Son of Grandfather, heavily doted on and used to be number 1 in the younger generation
Lin Mang (林蟒) – Father of Lin Shan and Lin Hong, loggerheads with Lin Xiao
Lin Ken (林肯) – First son of Lin Zhen Tian, father of Lin Xia
Lin Yun (林陨) – 3rd to reach Tempered Body 6th Layer after Lin Xia and Lin Hong among the younger generation of the Lin Clan
Lin Ting (林霆) – one of top 5 in Family Compet.i.tion
Lin Chen (林辰) – one of top 5 in Family Compet.i.tion, drew the empty lot
*Little Flame* (小炎) – Fire Python Tiger found during the QingYang Town Hunt
Qin Ying (秦鹰) – trusted guard at Earthly Yuan Stage [Chapter 53] Luo Ling (罗凌) – guard [86]

Lei Family (雷家)
Lei Li (雷力) – Current number 1 among younger generation in Family
Lei Bao (雷豹) – Head of Family [Chapter 40] Lei Nuo (雷喏) [Chapter 53] Lei Ying (雷英) [Chapter 53] Dai En (戴恩) – Lei Family Guard at Steel Wood Manor [54] Lei Shan (雷山) [55] Lei Pi (雷霹) [60] – 2nd in command in Lei Family, Lei Li’s father
Lei Xing (雷刑) [81] – ambushed Lin Dong together with Lei Pi in the bazaar

Xie Family (谢家)
Xie Yingying – Current number 1 among younger generation in Family
Xie Ting (谢婷) – Xie YingYing’s younger sister [Chapter 33] Xie Zhen (谢震) [Chapter 33] Xie Qian (谢谦) – Head of Family [Chapter 40]

Raging Blade Dojo (狂刀武馆)
Wu Yun (吴云) – Current number 1 among younger generation in Family
Mad Lightning Blade Luo Cheng (狂雷刀罗城) – Master of Raging Blade Dojo [Chapter 41]

Bazaar (交易坊会)
w.a.n.g Jin (王劲) – one of the persons in charge of maintaining order in the bazaar

Mu Family (穆家庄)
Mu Lingsha (穆菱纱) – Helped Lin Dong and Wu Yun steal the Fire Python Tiger cubs

Black Dragon Stockade (黑龙寨) [68] 撕风手乌煞 – “Vicious Wind Ripper” Wu Sha – 1 of 2 leaders of black dragon stockade – 69
严阔 – Yan Kuo – 1 of 2 leaders of black dragon stockade – 69

Yan City – number 3 city in Tiandu region
Manager Hua (华管事) [65] – worked with Lei Pi in lowering Steel Wood prices
Mister Yanzhong (严钟先生) [120] – seller of the high level secret art

City Governor (城主府) [64] s.h.i.+ Haotian (石昊天) [110] – Yan City Governor

Thousand Gold a.s.sociation (万金商会) [64] Xuansu (萱素) [105] Xia Zhilan (夏芷蓝) [106] Liu Yi (柳毅) [110] – Final member of the Celestial Dan Pool duel
Xia Wanjin (夏万金) [110] – leader of the Thousand Gold a.s.sociation, known as chairman Xia
Xia s.h.i.+ (夏狮) [114] – last person chosen to absorb celestial pool energy

Blood Wolf Gang (血狼帮) [64] Mountain Hand Yue Shan (山手的岳山) [110] – head of the Blood Wolf Gang
Yue Ling [111] – daughter of Yue Shan
Yue Feng (岳风) [111] – son of Yue Shan
Jiang Li (姜立) [112] – last member in the Celestial Pool Battle

Liu Family (柳家)
Qingxu (清絮) [64]

Blood Cloth Sect (血衣门) [94] Grand Master Gu/Gu Ying (古大师/古影) [93] – second seal Symbol Master hired by the Lei Family who is also the deputy head of Yan City’s Blood Cloth Sect
Wei Tong (魏通) – Head of the sect [99]

Iron Mountain Sect (铁山帮) [103] – contesting with Blood Cloth Sect for territory

Song Family (宋家) [108] Song Qing (宋青) [106] – young master of Song Family

Yan City Symbol Master Guild (符师会) – 130 (Yan City Symbol Master Guild)
Grandmaster Yan/Yan Xuan (岩大师/岩玄) [64] Ziyue (紫月) [131] – disciple of grandmaster Yan
Li Hu (李虎) [136] – random scrub who warned Lin Dong

Ghost Blade Sect (鬼刀门) [146] Gui Yan (鬼阎) [146] – leader of Ghost Blade Sect

Sky Fire City (天火城) [130] – number 2 city in Tiandu Region
Cao Zhu (曹铸) [133] – member of Sky Fire City’s Symbol Master Guild, 3rd disciple of younger gen
Liu Long (刘隆) [134] – Cao Zhu’s 2nd senior
Han Yun (韩允) [135] – leader of the Sky Fire City group during the Tower Battle
Zhou Tong (周通) – decent dude, more deserving to win Tower Battle than Lin Dong imo

Tiandu City (天都城) [130] – number 1 city in Tiandu Region

Blade Slaughter Gang (刀屠帮) [162] Song Dao (宋刀) [161] – random scrubs
Song Que (宋缺) [164] – subordinate of random scrub

w.a.n.g Clan (王氏宗族) [166] – one of the four great clans
w.a.n.g Pan (王盘) [166] – random scrub
w.a.n.g Yan (王炎) [167] – younger generation genius
w.a.n.g Zhong (王钟) [167] – brother of w.a.n.g Yan, rival of Lin Langtian

Qin Clan (秦氏宗族) [167] – one of the four great clans
Qin s.h.i.+ (秦世) [167] – number 1 of the younger generation

Huangpu Clan (皇普家族)

*Ling Qingzhu* (绫清竹) – 167 – wife alert – invited by 皇普家族 to go to the tomb

Yuan Power Cultivation Levels

Tempered Body (淬体) – comes in a total of 9 layers
eg. the fourth layer (第四重)

Earthly Yuan level (地元级)
• early
• middle
• late

Heavenly Yuan level (天元级)
• early
• middle
• late

Yuan Dan stage (元丹境)
• initial (小元丹境) [90] • advanced (元丹小圆满) [90] • perfect (大圆满) [90]

Yuan Dan (元丹)
Quality of Yuan Dan are in terms of ‘stars – ☆’, this comes in a range of 1 star to 9 stars with 9 stars being the best

Creation stage (造化境)
alternately known as the three stages of ‘Seize, Create and Transform’ (造化三境) [90]

• Form Creation stage (造形境) [90]

• Qi Creation stage (造气境) [90]

• Creation and Transformation stage alternately Manifestation stage (造化境) [90]

Nirvana stage (涅槃境)

In the Journey of Cultivation, steal Yin and Yang, obtain Creation, turn Nirvana, grasp Life and Death

Martial Arts (武学/武技)

These are split into 3 categories and 9 levels

Lower Category (levels 1,2,3)
• Penetrating Fist (通背拳) – level 1 (without refinement from Stone Talisman)

Middle Category (levels 4,5,6)

Upper Category (levels 7,8,9)

Secret Arts (功法秘籍) [38] these are split into 3 tiers

3rd tier
• Qingyuan Art (青元功)

2nd tier
• Tri Sun Art (三阳决) [120]

1st tier

Symbol Masters (符师) [63] ranked by seals
• first seal
• second seal
• third seal
• fourth seal
• fifth seal

Soul Symbol Master (灵符师)

Secret Spirit Skills (精神秘技) [96]

• normal grade
– Materialized Spirit Needle (化神针) [96]

• Essence grade (精)
– Piercing Helicity (尖螺波) [108]

• Qi grade (气)
– Manifestation Symbol Array (化生符阵) [141] > Manifest light (化生光) [149] > Manifest, Azure Wave (化生碧波) [150] > Manifest, Thousand Flames (万化炎) [163]

• Soul grade (神)

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