Chapter 37 Curse for Money

To Infinity I reach my hand
Wis.h.i.+ng a drop of happiness
Hungry soul meets tired heart
To where I lay my eyes

Severely broken by life
Slavery by will and emotion
Trapping in eternity of tears
To where I present my heart

Oh Almighty G.o.d
When this lonely soul will be free
When tired legs are allowed to rest
To where I slumber my breath

This life I don’t want
This soul I don’t need
This heart I return it to You

Just take me to where I born
Before the eternity and infinity embark
When I was still one with You

-Kuang Li Yin, tired of living

Kuang Li Yin was sitting on the stairs, looking at the street. No one care about her, no one needed her, and everyone was disgusted with her. Wis.h.i.+ng for her to die, so she may stop bringing the jinx to her surroundings.

I am hungry…

A young man about 14-15 years old made his way to her.

Stay away from me or you will die…

“Are you hungry? Take this bread.” The young man gave bread to her.

Useless act…

A wild dog suddenly rushed out and bites the bread in the young man’s hand. The young man stared in disbelief at the wild dog and cursed. “d.a.m.n, I didn’t give that bread to you.”

He took out one more bread and gave it to Li Yin.

Stupid man, didn’t learn from that lesson. Just left me alone…

A wild flying demonic beast, as big as lamb, suddenly speedily dove down from  high in the sky and grabbed the bread. Kuang Li Yin smiled sadly and touched her stomach. She was only able to eat food from the garbage and road. When she walked to restaurants, even only for begging or searching their waste, the restaurants burned. When she entered an inn, the inn collapsed. When she sat at a food stall, the owner got a heart’s attack. No one allowed her to walk near them.

“d.a.m.n this curse, do you think that silly thing can stop this future king of the three realms!” The young man shouted angrily. “If I can’t give food to this girl, how can I kill the G.o.ds and trample the demons! Never look down on me! Just a thousand souls’ curse, F**k. I am going to kill millions and billions of souls to unite the universe under my foot. I want to see what will happen at that time!”

Crazy young man…

The young man’s body shone for second and Li Yin felt something changed with her body. The young man smirked happily. “Now, you can eat everything you want, tell me what you want to eat! This handsome daddy is paying!”

Go away…

“You are twelve years old but your body is so small like a 8-9 years old girl. I’m sure you were not eating healthy. Come, come to this old man.” The young man showed his perverted face and grabbed Li Yin’s hand. Hungry and with lost power, Li Yin couldn’t resist and was easily dragged by the young man to one of the nearest restaurant. “Ahhh, your body is so small and light! You must eat a lot this time.”

You will die by a jinx, let me go!

Entering the restaurant, people inside the restaurant saw Li Yin coming and screamed in panic. In a hurry all of them quickly ran out leaving their food. Children were crying and adult rushed out without caring about anything in front. Some people hurried jumped out from the windows and stairs.

“Young master!”The manager of the restaurant hurried came to stop Li Yin. “Please don’t bring this little jinx inside my restaurant. It will cause trouble, please I am begging you. My ancestor restaurant will collapse.”

The young man sneered and took out a bank card. “Inside this bank card there is enough money to pay for your entire restaurant hundred times. I am paying for all the food that people left behind. If people wanted to eat with me, I am paying all they eat. Even if your restaurant collapses; I still have enough money to pay you twenty times its worth. So I hope your restaurant collapses now. Quickly bring out the best food of this restaurant.”

The manager raised his head and commanded his entire chef to bring out the best food. He didn’t care about his ancestor restaurant anymore. He suddenly felt his restaurant needed a modern touch and a bigger kitchen.

I hope this restaurant quickly collapses now.

Both Li Yin and the young man sat in the middle of the restaurant. The food was served in high-speed and their table were full in minutes. “Little girl, my name is Jaime, once I was just an orphan and fought with hunger and cold every day and night. You are an orphan too, it makes me  your big brother and you are my little sister. So go on and eat till your stomach hurts.”

Li Yin eyes had turned so big and her mouth started drooling. Her surviving instinct forcefully took control of her body, her two hands grabbed food on the table and put into her mouth.

“Hey, hey, eat slowly, no one will take it from you! You will choke…”

Li Yin did choke and her face turned pale.

“See what I told you!” Jaime hit her back and used his inner energy to forcefully push down the food to her stomach. “Eat slowly girl! You are not getting bad luck for at least one month ahead, I cleared one or two months of the curse for you. Drink the soup slowly.”

After drinking the soup, Li Yin’s eyes filled with tears stared at Jaime. “You promise there will be no bad luck?”

Please tell me, I am free, even it’s just a lie…

“Yeah for one month or two months at best. Eat slowly, I will prepare a take away for you.” Jaime winked at Li Yin. “It will be enough for you to eat for one month.” Jaime hit the table and called the manager.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” The manager hurried came. Just now, he was picking an axe, thinking to hit one of the restaurant’s pillar.

“I see no one willing to join us to eat; I want you to fill all tables here with the best food you can serve. I will take it all and pay for it all.” Jaime threw five spiritual stones at the manager.

The manager grinned ear to ear and bowed deeply. “We will empty our kitchen right now!” For him five spiritual stones equaled to five kilograms of gold or 500 taels of gold. It was more than enough to buy all the food in the kitchen and even more. The chef and servants rushed to the kitchen and prepared the food. In a few minutes all kind of foods fill the empty tables. Goat meat, roasted chicken, demonic beast meat and much more.

“I can’t eat all of this food.” Li Yin glanced towards the tables.

“Don’t worry, your big brother will show you magic.” Jaime used one storage pouch to collect all of the food from table to table. “Inside this pouch, all the food will stay fresh.”

“But I didn’t eat enough.” Li Yin sadly saw her empty table.

“This storage pouch is for you.” Jaime gave the storage pouch. “I will teach you how to open the pouch even without cultivation.” He touched Li Yi’s middle eyes brow and transferred the information. “Now try it.” He gave the s.p.a.ce storage pouch and one spiritual stone.

Li Yin held the storage pouch and the spiritual stone on the left hand. As she tried to concentrate, the spiritual energy from to spiritual stone channeled to the s.p.a.ce storage pouch and gave her mind a view inside the storage pouch. She could see every food inside and moved her right hand to grab which one she likes.

“I can take it out!” Li Yin happily announced as one b.u.t.ter chicken appear at her hand.

“Now, will you eat slowly? No one will steal your food anymore.”

Li Yin shakes her head. “Now people will think of how to steal my storage pouch!”

Jaime laughed, “You are smart. Put your left hand on the table; I will make a s.p.a.ce storage which no one will be able to steal from you.”

Li Yin let her small hand out. Jaime took out one jade porcelain and silver needle. “Inside of the storage pouch there is a drawing of a complicated formation. When the formation touches spiritual energy, it will open a storage s.p.a.ce. I will draw the formation on the back of your hand, I mean tattoo it. This will be hurt a little, are you scared?”

“No.” Li Yin added. “Can I eat the chicken while you are working?”

“Good girl, just do what you like.”

Li Yin smiled and hurried ate.

Jaime used the silver needle with black ink from the jade porcelain to tattoo Li Yin back hand. “This ink is made by the King Chameleon’s blood and core. The black color will change to your skin’s color; no one will be able to detect it.” He worked slowly and gracefully.

Finished with the formation, the black ink formation immediately change its color and seemed to disappear. Jaime touched Li Yin’s middle eyes brow again. “I give you the Phoenix cultivation. Go cultivate it when you have time. With help of one spiritual stone, you should be able to reach early Elementary Realm. Once you reach that realm, you can easily access your storage s.p.a.ce without a spiritual stone needed.”

“Take these spiritual stones and pills for reaching the Junior Realm, Senior Realm and True Human Realms. Remember, that curse of your is just a piece of s.h.i.+t, an enemy of you. You must grow stronger and beat your enemy. After that you can use it for your advantage!”

“Really?” Kuang Li Yin’s eyes locked on Jaime, wis.h.i.+ng for hope.

“I will tell you, the most kindest creatures are not angels, but humans. Because humans can sacrifice themselves to help their loved ones. Angels can’t sacrifice themselves without G.o.d’s commands. The worst creatures are not devils, but humans. Because humans are willing to die with their enemy, even with their souls as  payment. Devils won’t ever be that reckless, they are selfish to the core.”

“Your curse is not so bad. When you are strong enough, you can use it as your weapon to rob or threaten even the king of a country. Think positive, you are a jinx bringer. You can get a lot of money with it!” Jaime laughed thinking to take Kuang Li Yin to war, both sides  would surely pay everything to let her get out from the war or she would cause destruction to their side. “Your curse, is not incurable. I had exchanged some of my spiritual energies to stop your curse for one month or two month at best. Use this time to reach the Senior Realm or True Human Realm. After that, when you like to eat, you can steal from everyone you like. The curse won’t be able to do much to you! Instead it will protect you from them.”

“Your curse will only kill you when you reach 14 years old. It is because the curse binds by the law not to kill children, before that we will find a solution to purify the curse.”

“Can it be cured?”

“Yes, with some purified formation.” Jaime sighed. “But your cultivation is needed to be at least Elder Realm or Patriarch Realm to handle the painful purifying process.”

“Why do you help me?” asked Kuang Li Yin suddenly.

“Because you…. I am your big brother.” Jaime smiled warmly. “And I am a man sent by G.o.d to spread love to this universe.”

Kuang Li Yin stared at Jaime, she wasn’t satisfied with the answer. “Will you sell me to some perverted old man?”

“Maybe,” Jaime raised his shoulder. “If you are worth money, but with your skinny body, I think even a pedophile won’t take a glance. You are totally too ugly!”

“I thought you were falling for me!” Li Yin cross her arms and leaned on the back of the chair. She lapsed into a sullen silence.

Jaime laughed hard. “You, little brat, are moving too fast!”

“…” Li Yin said nothing and looked to another place.

Jaime sighed. “The truth is, you made me remember my past. I didn’t have parents and lived in the street since I was five. Hungry and cold was my best friend. Till one day, a girl came to my life and gave me awarm food and a comfy place to stay.”

“Who is she?” asked Li Yin quickly.

“Her name is Ye Xiu, she is an angel and your sister-in-law. My wife, one and the only one.” Jaime smiled.

“Where is she? Can I meet her?” Li Yin seem happy.

“She is somewhere where my hand can’t reach, but G.o.d already promised me if I conquer three realms in 100 years, G.o.d will allow me to meet her.” Jaime’s eyes became teary.

Ye Xiu, where are you?

“Are you okay?”

“Well, you will meet your sister-in-law soon, she is the kindness person you will ever meet. And she will be happy to meet you too.” Jaime wiped his eyes and looked around. “Manager, the tables are already empty, where is the food!”

“Yes! Yes!” said the manager in a hurryd. Just now he was busying destroying one pillar of the restaurant.

After storing more food which was enough for two months for Li Yin, they went back to the Treasure Thousand Pavilion. Nothing happen to the restaurant, which caused the owner to be sad.

“Where will you go?” asked Li Yin sullen.

“This big brother of yours is taking a kingdom, to make it as my second troops, to conquer this continent.”

“Will you come back?”

“I will try to come back in one month or two at most. Please take care of yourself.”

“Big brother!” Xu Tie speedy ran to Jaime. “We were looking for you, where have you been?”

“Why were you looking for me?”

“The princess needs you.” Xu Tie glanced at Kuang Li Yin shocked, he quickly moved back and fell hardly. “Li Yin!”

“Brother Xu Tie, she is your new little sister.” Jaime took him to one corner and whispered. “She is okay for now, you can get close to her and help her. I did something to her curse.”

“Big brother, you could clean Li Yin’s curse! You are simply a G.o.d!” Xu Tie mouth opened in awe.

“It is only for one or two month at best. After one month you must totally ignore her. Her curse will be back. Brother, take this storage pouch and bank card, inside there are still one million, I want you and your wife to secretly buy  General Kuang’s resident.”

“Are you sure?” asked Xu tie in shock.


“A Niu! I am looking for you, quickly come with me.” Chu Mie dove from sky with her beast. She held Jaime’s hand and pulled it into Golden Lion Hawk Beast.

“Where will you take me?”

“My kingdom! We must hurry.”

“Why do I have to follow you?”

“You are my friend, don’t you think friends must help each other when in need?”

Jaime looked at Xu Tie and Kuang Li Yin. “I will soon return, Brother Xu Tie will help you in one month, after that, you must take care of yourself, I will return at the time.”

Kuang Li Yin burst in tears and nodded, “I will wait for you. Please return quickly!”

Princess Chu Mie quickly raised the beast into the sky and they flew away from the city wall.

“Please wait!” said Jaime outside the city wall. “Don’t you think those are the five guys from the Kingdom of Liberty? Your lovely enemy?”

Chu Mie looked at Jaime pointed place, there were five people naked and tightly bond on a tree with rope.

“Good!” Chu Mie diving down and took her sword out! “Seems like today I will kill for my first time.”  

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