Conquer God, Asura, And 1000 Beauties

Conquer God, Asura, and 1000 Beauties summary: Jaime was a famous professor in Modern Earth. His whole life was used to capture the Book of Karma, a book which records everything in the universe, to find his true lover, Ye Xiu. During the course of his journey, he provoked the heaven and had to escape to another world with the Book of Karma. The Creator of all universes punished Jaime by setting him with the task to conquer the three realms! They are: the G.o.d’s (deva/deity) realm, the Demon’s (Asura/rakhsasa) realm and the human’s realm. Since he also doubted the Creator, Jaime was further penalised: now he must conquer the heart’s dungeons of 1000 beauties. He had to find a way to open their cold hearts and make them fall in love with him. All of these must be finished in 100 years. He started his journey as n.o.body but slowly he conquered a sect, a city, a kingdom, a continent, and then, beautiful women. He fought with many kinds of high-leveled cultivators, demi-G.o.ds, half demon, demons and G.o.ds. Jaime was born to kill G.o.ds, trample demons and be Emperor of all humans. He was also the Deity of Bulls.h.i.t. He never really fights against anyone and doesn’t like blood or killing. He cheats, he tricks his enemies, he bribes people, he robs his obstacles, and does everything to win. His smart and unpredictable plans in defeating many high-leveled enemies always leave people in awe. He also made many people to worship him like a real hero. One after another pretty women and princesses were trapped by his sweet talk and could not resist his professional art of seduction. This is his journey about aiming to be the King of the Three Realm, finding his lover and at the end, finding the origin of all creations.

Alternatives: Perjalanan Jaime
Status: ongoing
Genres: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Romance Mature Lolicon
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