Chapter 43 Farewell

Zhuang Zi was a b.u.t.terfly, he flew around flowers happily. He flew up, flew down, dancing in the flower field carried by the autumn wind. As he was tired, he descended upon a flower and slept. When he awoke, he found himself laid down on his bed inside his house. Then he asked himself, “Am I Zhuang Zi who dreamed  to be a b.u.t.terfly, or  am I a b.u.t.terfly who dreamed to be a Zhuang Zi.”

What is this life?

Are we  dreaming to be humans in a universe created by The Mighty Creator and playing a drama with others while thinking its real? Maybe our true selves, the real us, are somewhere staying in the Kingdom of Creator. We never went away from Creator. Or there was no creator and we just appeared from nowhere and when we die, we will have no memories, no us, nothing. Then what is life? So why are we afraid to die?

The answer was very simple, as long as we live, good thing will happen to us sooner or later. So please don’t die, don’t suicide, but if you must suicide, please do a few good things before you die! Take all of your stuff and give it to people in need, or do a good deed for a week before you suicide. It will give you a good amount of good karma and will help you to reincarnate to be a better human.

But… if you really… really want to suicide and don’t really care where you will be after you die, please do one last good deed. Take whoever bullied you or hurt you with you. At least, you will clean out one bad person* from this world. (*need parent supervision before doing whatever you think right about suicide, so asked your parents how to do a good suicide, like having a life insurance three months before suicide, or how to make it NOT like suicide and blame someone.)

Jaime understood, he doesn’t have any chance to win this fight. He was only focusing on how to take Agni, G.o.d of fire, to accompany him to the h.e.l.l! Level 75 fighting a level 405, it was simply suicide. Yet he didn’t want to die alone.

Agni, the five meter giant swung his big fist at Jaime

“You want to kill me! We will die together!” Jaime rushed at  Agni’s fist and swung his sword. Suddenly he jumped high to target Agni’s head with the sword of Mother Earth. The sword shone brightly in yellow color and looked alive, answering Jaime’s spirit.

A few minutes ago.

In the City of Fire’s prison, one old man opened his eyes. “The Sword of Mother Earth is coming here! The earth will be shaken and the world must accept his destiny as the fated king of three realms from the human race!”

Inside the prison there were ten people. One old man heard it and said. “King of Deserted Forest, Chu Wan, leader of Earth Tribe, are you telling the truth?”

“Leader of Sand Tribe, Ghu Ra, I won’t lie to you. Even if I had lost my cultivation; my affinity to the earth hasn’t gone. I came to your kingdom, to present The Sword of Mother Earth to your king, in hopes of your king  taking care of my people like his tribes on his kingdom. Yet he refused it.”

“Of course he will refuse it.” One old woman suddenly appeared in front of the jail and opened the iron bar door.

“Witch of fire, Elder Xun,” Ghu Ra was surprised to see that important person come to the jail. “What are you doing here?”

“Chu Wan, don’t tell me your Witch of Wood didn’t tell you about the prophecy!” Elder Xun sighed, “Your kingdom has the same fate with my kingdom, the fated one of three realms will have The Sword of Mother Earth and Heart of Agni. He will unite our kingdoms and be the king of us. He will bring us to prosperity and prepare war with demons and G.o.ds. Your plan, by coming here alone was to make the prophecy become true. By putting the Sword of Mother Earth near the Heart of Agni, to welcome the fated one.”

Elder Xun sat by the prison. “Our king knew your plan so he moved the sword far far away from here, to a kingdom who doesn’t believe in prophecy and the witch. Who can believe the sword is now here with the fated one, he will soon to take the Heart of Agni. Everything has been written. Not many people can run from their fate.”

Chu Wan stood enthusiasticly. “If he is already here, why don’t you people just give him the Heart of Agni and welcome the prophecy! The future king will lead us to glory and prosperity!”

Elder Xun shook her head. “You know why the Leader of Sand Tribe and other leaders of our tribes are prisoned here with you? Because Dong Gi, our king, never wanted to let down his position! With some Witches of Fire, he has prepared to summon G.o.d of Fire Agni with the Heart of Agni. Our G.o.d will kill the fated one!”

“It can’t happen!” Chu Wan frustrated. “He is our king, the fated one. He must not be killed! He must lead us humans!”

“All of you get out from here. The fated one had wasted Dong Gi with one moved. As for his fight with Agni, we will see together, is the prophecy rue or will Agni trample it.” Elder Xun walked away from the prison, followed by the entire prisoners. They ran out from the prison and rushed to the place where Agni and The fated one fought. The houses and building in their surroundings  burned wildly, fire could be seen everywhere.

At that time they were watching a young man jumped to attack Agni’s head with the s.h.i.+ning Sword of Mother Earth.

Chu Wan hardens his fist. “Our fated king will kill Agni and grab his heart. The Heart of Agni, together with the sword, he will lead us and bring our kingdoms to prosperity!”

“You want to attack me, human?” Agni’s fist movement changed direction from below to up, aiming at Jaime in the sky. “Die!!!

Jaime’s intention was clearly to cut Agni’s head, yet The Sword of Mother Earth unexpectedly vanis.h.i.+ng from Jaime’s hand. His face suddenly showed a cunning smile. As Agni’s fist closed in on Jaime, he raised his foot to accept the fist.

“Go die!” roared Agni releasing all his might, determined to destroy Jaime to pieces with one hit.

Jaime’s Boots of Wing broke into pieces by the attack. Jaime could feel the shock from his foot transmitted all over his body and he vomited blood. Clearly his legs bones were broken, yet Jaime used the momentum of Agni fist’s attack and kicked the Agni’s fist hardly and shot into the dark sky.

“Ciaoooo Agni! Nice to meet you!”

Agni saw his enemy’s body shot away like a bullet into the dark sky, even if he wanted to chase, everything was already too late. He had helped his enemy  escape in high-speed.

The Witch of Fires was astonished by seeing Jaime leave the City of Fire so easily, even after they had difficultly summoning the mighty powerful G.o.d of Fire.

Chu Wan, Elder Xun, Ghu Ra and the other prisoners also became dumbstruck. The fated one, the one they though of as their future king, ran away in the first fight and completely destroyed their hope.

Jaime soared into the dark sky while laughing. He rapidly channels the movement of wind to fly higher. From up in the sky he looked down and observed The City of Fire. It really didn’t put its name into shame. Everything inside the city, building, house, barn, soldiers, peasants and children were burning in fire.

Hanging himself on the air, watching mothers and children crying caused Jaime to be angry. “How dare you burn innocent people! They are mine; they haven’t paid their taxes to me, or work for me, yet you had been burning them alive! They are worth something only alive!”

He took out twenty calling rain talismans and a lot of spiritual stones. He had used almost all his spiritual energy and needed help from the spiritual stones to activate the talismans. “Go full power and cause a super ultra-heavy rain on the City of Fire!”

Spiritual stones crumble into dust after their energy moved to the talismans. The calling rain’s talismans tremble and floated into the air, together they cause a violent storm with very strong wind. The dark clouds speedy a.s.semble and the thunders were getting louder and louder.

A super ultra-heavy rain—twenty times the normal rain—was pouring down heavily to the City of Fire. Feeling satisfy, Jaime wanted to continue his escape when he saw a big fire speedy rush at him.

“Eat this!” Agni shot at Jaime and hit him real hard.

Jaime ate Agni’s attack raw, his ultra-high grade and expensive armor shatter into pieces, his body launched higher into the dark sky. He felt everything spinning around and couldn’t balance his body. He pushed his mind to work in maximum speed to find a way out.

Save life! Armor! Fire!

“Book of Karma, give me all information about items inside King of Liberty’s storage ring!” Jaime was hoping the king will have some armor to protect him from fire. He doesn’t have much time to check one by one as Agni has shot to attack him again from below.

“Heavy rains do nothing to me; my fire is burned by one thousand souls, you can’t make it die!” Agni speedyily rushed at Jaime.

The information from the Book of Karma quickly took his mental energy and gave him complete information.

“Today, will you die or I die!” Jaime felt his ribs broken in many places. This will be his last act. He pulled out a big barrel from his storage ring and shot it down at Agni with all his strength, and quickly repeated it. There were a total of eight barrels shot at Agni. “Eat those!”

Jaime hastily turned his body into the dark sky and flew higher with his last strength.

Agni glared at the barrels, sneered and lightly tossed it away. The moment the barrel touch Agni’s flame, it exploded with  big blue flame. The explosion contacted the other barrels and a detonated chain explosions activated. A deafening booming’s sound vibrated through the sky, shaking the people in the City of Fire. When they looked up into the sky, for a second, the sky was already filled with an ultra-huge explosion, the huge blue flame was blazing in the dark sky and burned everything in the sky in radius one kilometers. It lit up the night.

The explosion’s wave on the sky hit them real hard and caused them to fall back.

“What happening?” asked Chu Wan.

Elder Xun, the Witch of Fire, looked in shocked. “It is a special mixture powder made by aFire Tribe expert. A little  amount that blue flame powder may cause a big explosion and poison its surrounding. The fated one detonated more than seven barrels, those were more than enough to destroy two cities!”

The explosion showed a huge blue flame rampaging. Chu Wan and the others were already more than ten kilometers from the explosion but the heat still burning their skin.

Jaime completely engulfed by the blue flame was totally burnt, his skin and his hair. “Arggghhhhh!”

As fast as the fire exploded, the blue flame was also gone by a millisecond. The sky completely darken and not even one tiny fire could be found.

Jaime’s body fell from the sky. His body was charcoal black and burned to a crisp, his hair was totally gone and he couldn’t move even one of his fingers. His lip were smiling.

“Fight fire with fire, the ultra-huge blue flame explosions ate all the oxygen in the sky and made a vacuum  around  Agni for a millisecond and that was enough to put off all of the fire around Agni and that little G.o.d can’t find another fire to escape around one kilometer. Eat that simple science little G.o.d! Dare to fight a human!”

Agni vanished into  thin air and left only one fire orb. The orb was its core to summon Agni and the highest secret treasure of Kingdom of Liberty, the Heart of Agni. It fell into the middle of thick forest.

Jaime also free fell into the forest. Since he could do nothing, his energy totally clean, he smiled and sighed. “Ye Xiu, I am sorry.”

World, again and again

You gave me hards.h.i.+p

Yet, I faced it again and again


This one fought hard and won

Have no regret meets Creator

Cause this one did his best


Farewell world

I hate you like you hate me

But I forgive you


So let me sleep beneath you

Join me with my lover’s bone

Farewell… may we meet again old friend


His body pounded to the ground from high sky. His bones broke again and Jaime lost his consciousness. His lip drip a black blood, his body has poisoned by blue flame. That flame slowly consumed his bone and meat by time. Jaime had resisted it with his cultivation all along, now the poison broke loose and ravished inside his  body.



Thanks for reading this story…




“Of course continue! Like h.e.l.l I am going to exit like this. This handsome one had only conquered one princess! Where is my harem! Where are the other 999 girls?” Jaime sighed. “There was a time where there wasn’t any personal game player’s machine, like Spica, Nintendo, Sega, Play station, X-Box, etc. People on that time must play on arcade machine and the words ‘continue’ always meant insert another coin.”

“Since this ‘continue’ need no money or insert coin, of course I will hit it till I win all games or the machine breaks.”

“It just like living in this world, as long as you are alive, you can do everything you want. Never push ‘reset’ b.u.t.ton, but always push the ‘continue’ b.u.t.ton, till you win the game or the world kicks you out, because you are too cool and too handsome, stubbornly staying alive! Even the world and everyone wants you to die!”

“Doing wrong things are normal for being human. Facing hards.h.i.+p and trouble is normal for being alive. Forcefully pus.h.i.+ng the reset b.u.t.ton is not normal. Because there are a lot of happiness still waiting for you in advance, always remember whatever didn’t kill you will only make you stronger! So my friends, never die, keep being stronger and stronger. Happiness will come to you soon or later.”

Jaime, as he was falling from the sky, before he hit the ground, he accessed the Book of Karma and said one thing. “Book of karma, I need  information about the best cultivation to eject poison, to heal my body in the fastest way and need only about 75 levels of mine. Choose the best and execute it even when I am unconscious.”

Even Jaime fell hard and unconscious, Book of Karma choose the best cultivation for him. The number one cultivation in three realms,

[The Cultivation of King Rakhsasa ( t.i.tan ). The Main G.o.d Brahma gave a boon to a rakhsasa named Ravana after his meditation for 10,000 years.

That boon was the cultivation of King Rakhsasa, which was used by the king of three realms previously, Maharaja Vali. Maharaja Vali was known as King of three realms, also the killer of G.o.d Indra, the king of all G.o.d and G.o.ddess. He controlled three realms for a thousand years until Main G.o.d Vishnu took him away.

Ravana, King of Asura, used this cultivation to trample G.o.d’s realm. Removed G.o.d Indra from the throne and became the king of three realms. He only could be killed by the Main G.o.d Visnu as Rama.

Exchanged with : 10,000 levels and 100,000 mental energy.

There are 100 chapters of this cultivation. The first chapter of this cultivation will be exchanged with 75 levels

First Chapter = The Body of Rakhsasa

The body of Rakhsasa was known as the toughest body in the three realms even more than G.o.d. Rakhsasa was also known as t.i.tan, the father of G.o.d. Their bodies heal fast and are invulnerable to poison.]

[Book of karma taking 75 levels from host body, leave the main host body on level 0]

[Book of Karma begins to change the information of main host’s DNA, changing it into the information of Rakhsasa’s DNA]

Inside Jaime’s body, a ma.s.sive change took place. Things like a silk worm appeared from inside his body and covered him like a coc.o.o.n. The coc.o.o.n has a blue color and full of poison.

[The Rakhsasa/ t.i.tan was oldest Almighty creature, they gave birth to G.o.d and the ancestor of asura (demon), their bloodline would always be the king of Asura.]

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