Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsRed Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3445 - 3445 Chapter 3445-he really is her

Chapter 3445 - 3445 Chapter 3445-he really is her

3445 Chapter 3445-he really is her

“This …”

Chen Xiaobei did not want to bring Xia Yilian along.

After all, the danger of this trip was completely unknown. Xia Yilian would not be of any help, and would instead drag everyone down.

However, Xia Yilian’s emotions were still unstable. If he did not bring her along, it was hard to guarantee that she would not do something stupid.


&Quot; bro bei, take her with you. I’ll protect her! &Quot;

At this time, Yan Lings.h.i.+ stepped forward. Not only did she calm Xia Yilian down, but she also took the initiative to share some of Chen Xiaobei’s burden.

“Alright … That’s it then! Let’s set off now!”

Chen Xiaobei was in a hurry to go into the mountains to find her, so he had no choice but to agree.


Tian Lu mountain range.

It was located in the westernmost part of the primordial yellow domain.

This enormous mountain range stretched for trillions of miles. Like a wall, it stood at the edge of the Western Region.

According to the legends, this vast forest was filled with dense spiritual energy and all kinds of natural treasures. There were even ancient ruins and blessed lands.

Unfortunately, there were some extremely terrifying dangers in the mountain, so much so that ordinary people did not dare to set foot in it.

Even those who had encountered danger did not come out alive.

Therefore, this mountain range was known as the unknown land of death in the primordial yellow domain.

&Quot; bro bei, are you sure the person you’re looking for is at the sky Foothill mountain? ”

Old yellow took out a wine pot and gulped down a few mouthfuls. He frowned and said, ” &Quot; if we go any further, we’ll enter the mountains. I’ve been hunting for my entire life, but I’ve never dared to cross the forest in front of us! &Quot;

This person was one of the two old hunters that Duanmu Baoshu had found.

His hair was white, his face was old, and his brows were full of vicissitudes. The wine pot in his hand was filled with a cheap strong wine. It was very pungent, and the smell of alcohol could be smelled from far away.

It was obvious that he was a veteran with a wealth of experience in the jungle.

The more experienced they were, the more they knew what kind of terrifying danger they would face once they entered the mountain.

That pot of strong wine was most likely used to boost his courage.

“Yup …”

Old w.a.n.g nodded and sighed. &Quot; &Quot; although Prince Bao Shu asked us to be your guides, to be honest, we don’t know what will happen after we enter the mountain … &Quot;

Old w.a.n.g was another experienced Hunter.

Although he didn’t need to drink to boost his courage, his hands were still tightly holding a battle-axe and a bow.

It was obvious that he was filled with fear and anxiety about the danger he was about to face.

Other than old Huang and old w.a.n.g, Duanmu Baoshu had also found a few hundred elite warriors.

Needless to say, no matter how experienced and loyal these Warriors were, they would still feel uneasy at this moment. Some of them even wanted to retreat and sneak away.


Chen Xiaobei said, ” “I’m very clear that this trip will be extremely dangerous! I won’t force you to stay if you want to leave! But I will definitely reward those who stay!”

Hearing this, old Huang and old w.a.n.g hesitated, but in the end, they did not leave.

The hundreds of soldiers did not have the mood to do so. They immediately scattered like birds and beasts. In the end, there were only 33 people left!

“Why aren’t you guys leaving?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

The 33 soldiers said almost in unison, ” “We heard from the treasure book Prince! Bro bei, you’re a Big Shot! We don’t want to be soldiers for the rest of our lives! I’ve sacrificed my life to work for you today, hoping to earn a good future!”

“What did Duanmu Baoshu promise you?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

The 33 soldiers immediately replied, ” “The treasure book Prince said that after this, everyone will be rewarded with 10000 upper spiritual stones! Those who make contributions will be promoted according to their contributions!”


“I admire your courage!” Chen Xiaobei said. I’ll reward each of you with a billion upper spiritual stones after this! Furthermore, I will personally speak to Duanmu Baoshu and ask him to nurture and use you!”

As soon as he said that, everyone was stunned at first, and then they immediately burst into cheers!

“One … One billion! Oh my G.o.d! Bro bei was indeed a Big Shot! The reward is 100000 times more than what Prince Bao Shu has received!”

“Not only that! Bro bei will even personally support us! The Prince will give bro bei face and use us!”

“It’s worth it! It was worth it! Bro bei’s spirit was soaring! We really didn’t gamble our lives in vain!”

“Isn’t it? If those deserters knew about this, they would definitely regret it so much that their intestines would break!”

&Quot; thank you, bro bei! Thank you, bro bei! &Quot;

Without friends.h.i.+p, one could only talk about benefits.

Obviously, the benefits that Chen Xiaobei had offered were enough for these 33 people to risk their lives for him!

Of course, these 33 people were all courageous and had extraordinary mental fort.i.tude. Even if Chen Xiaobei did not reward them, they would still carry out the mission given by the higher-ups loyally.

Even Chen Xiaobei wanted to recruit such a person and put him in an important position!

No matter how generous the reward was, they deserved it.

“Old Huang! Old w.a.n.g! Why aren’t you guys leaving?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“To be honest … My son is seriously ill. Only the purple gold ginseng in this mountain can cure him …” He said.

Old yellow took another big gulp of wine and said, ” &Quot; I didn’t have the guts to go into the mountains before. But this time, with bro bei’s help, I’m going to go in no matter what! Otherwise, once my son dies, there’s no point in me living anymore!”

“Understood!” “Don’t worry!” Chen Xiaobei nodded. If you help me this time, even if you can’t find the purple-gold ginseng, I’ll take care of your son’s illness!”

&Quot; thank you, bro bei … Thank you so much … &Quot; old Huang did not know that Chen Xiaobei’s medical skills were extraordinary. He only thought that Chen Xiaobei would help him and thanked him profusely.

“Old w.a.n.g, what about you?” Chen Xiaobei looked to the other side.

“I’m doing this for our son …”

“Ten years ago, I brought my son here to hunt!” A golden clawed spiked tail Tiger known as the ‘King of the nine mountains’. .. Ate … Ate … My son … Not even his bones were left behind, not even his soul and primordial spirit were spared! For the past ten years, I’ve been dreaming of taking revenge on that beast! It’s a pity … I don’t have the courage …”

“Alright! I understand now! &Quot; you don’t have to say anymore … &Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded and said, ” “Help me find her! As long as I see that beast, I will help you kill it!”

&Quot; thank you … Thank you so much, bro bei … &Quot; old w.a.n.g’s eyes were red and his body was trembling.

“Alright! Enter the mountain!”

Chen Xiaobei waved his hand and led the group into the forest.


After entering the mountain.

Old Huang and Chen Xiaobei walked in front.

Yan Lings.h.i.+, Xia Yilian, and Cang tianao followed closely behind.

Thirty-three soldiers were in the middle.

Old w.a.n.g was in charge of bringing up the rear.

“Chi … Chi …”

After walking for a short while, a figure suddenly flashed out of a dense forest in front of them.

&Quot; it can’t be such a coincidence, right?! &Quot;

“Did you see that?” Chen Xiaobei asked. That figure was a young girl! And there really is a red mark on his arm!”

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