Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsRed Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3451 - 3451 Chapter 3452-desperate fight

Chapter 3451 - 3451 Chapter 3452-desperate fight

3451 Chapter 3452-desperate fight

“Little brat! Accept your death!”

&Quot; die! &Quot; the Tian can demon Emperor roared, and one of his metal tentacles shot toward Chen Xiaobei.

&Quot; bro bei, be careful! &Quot;

Cang tianao quickly tried to protect Chen Xiaobei.


“Don’t rus.h.!.+”

Chen Xiaobei took out his Dragon’s edge.

Previously, the saber had already been infused with a large amount of spiritual energy, so there was no need to supplement it.

“Woof! Swish …”

Chen Xiaobei waved the black saber in his hand and pulled out a Black Electric net in front of the two.


When the metal tentacle pa.s.sed through the black Electric net, its power was instantly reduced by ten percent.

Normally, the black Thunder of destruction could weaken the enemy’s power by 30%. However, the level of the Dragon’s edge was too far away from the Tian can demon Emperor, so the effect was not as obvious.

“Witch Dragon’s nine transformation! Swallow the four Seas!”

The next moment, Chen Xiaobei let out a roar as purplish-Golden Dragon scales grew around his mouth, and purplish-golden fangs grew out of his mouth.

In the past, Chen Xiaobei’s body was weak and could not absorb much energy.

But now, Chen Xiaobei already had a two-star divine immortal’s physique. After eating the blood Bodhi, he had reached the mid-tier two-star divine immortal level.

Even though it was still two levels lower than the Tian can demon Emperor, it could at least devour another ten percent of his power.

It was a pity that Xue Bodhi could not break through to the next realm. Otherwise, Cang tianao would be able to kill the Tian can demon Emperor with his eyes closed.

“Hiss …”

The next moment, Chen Xiaobei devoured a large amount of the divine essence that was added to the metal tentacle.

This meant that Tian can demon Emperor had lost 20% of his power.

“Bro bei! Your … Your ability is too strong!”

Seeing this, Cang Tian ao was overjoyed, ” “We can fight him now!”

It was obvious that Tian can demon Emperor’s power had increased by thirty percent with the blood spirit sacrifice, and Cang Tian ao’s power had increased by ten percent after transforming back into the wolf demon body.

Now, Chen Xiaobei had helped to weaken the Tian can demon Emperor’s power by 20%!

Cang tianao and Tian can demon Emperor would be on the same starting line, so they would naturally be able to face each other.

“Let’s attack together!”

“I’ll try to defeat him in one strike!” Chen Xiaobei said. Or else …”

Chen Xiaobei wanted to say something but stopped.

However, those with discerning eyes could see that the second half of his sentence was to say,”otherwise, we will still lose!”

The blood spirit sacrifice consumed the essence of the surrounding tens of thousands of otherworldly demons to strengthen the Tian can demon Emperor.

Now that it was enhanced by 30%, it did not mean that it could only be enhanced by 30%!

As long as the Tian can demon Emperor was willing to weaken the tens of thousands of sky demons, it was possible for him to increase his power by fifty to a hundred percent!

If Chen Xiaobei and Cang tianao could not defeat the crippled demon Emperor in one go …

Otherwise, it would only enrage the tiancan demon Emperor and force him to kill Chen Xiaobei and Cang tianao with more power.


Cang tianao was a smart person. He did not need Chen Xiaobei to say anything and would use his full strength.

“Whoosh …”

Silver immortal essence gushed out like a volcanic eruption and covered Cang Tian ao’s body.

“Don’t move! Listen to my instructions!”

Chen Xiaobei activated the power of the nine-luminaries h.e.l.l cutting saber.

Xu Fu had used this saber before, and there was still enough spirit Qi left in the saber to activate its power once.

“Boom boom boom …”

Chen Xiaobei swung his saber, and a terrifying power burst out of the blade, like lava, and went straight for the metal tentacle!


At the same time, a purple-gold dragon fin burst out from Chen Xiaobei’s back. The devouring power was like a rocket, pus.h.i.+ng Chen Xiaobei forward.

“Chi …”

At the same time, Chen Xiaobei took out the universe war G.o.d Holy garment and put it on while he was flying.

“Bro bei! Don’t!”

Cang tianao finally understood what Chen Xiaobei meant.

It turned out that Chen Xiaobei was going to bet all his cards and even his life to defend against the crippled demon Emperor’s attack.

What Cang tianao wanted to do was to take advantage of the gap in the Tian can demon Emperor’s second attack to deal the fatal blow.

“Boom boom boom …”

Indeed, everything was just as Cang tianao had predicted.

Although the power of the metal tentacle had been weakened, it had still broken through the power of the nine luminaries h.e.l.l cutting saber and the heaven-defying ability.


The next moment, the metal tentacle slammed into Chen Xiaobei’s body!


The universe war G.o.d Holy garment was like a gla.s.s bottle smashed by a heavy hammer, instantly shattering into countless pieces.

“Swish …”

The Nightstalker outfit that Chen Xiaobei was wearing was also cracked.

“Pfft …”

Chen Xiaobei felt as if he had been struck by lightning. His ribs were all shattered, and his internal organs were all shattered. His stomach was in turmoil, and he spat out a mouthful of blood mixed with some minced meat!


It was extremely terrifying!

This was the difference in power!

Even though Chen Xiaobei had used all his trump cards, he was still severely injured.

“Hahaha …… Really stupid!”

The Tian can demon Emperor laughed proudly.”What kind of trash cultivation base do you have to dare to make a move in front of me? It’s a waste of medicinal pills to cure this kind of brainless idiot!”


However, just as the Tian can demon Emperor was at his proudest, Cang Tian ‘ao’s attack had already been launched. Furthermore, it had already arrived in front of the Tian can demon Emperor at its fastest speed!

“Not good!”

The Tian can demon Emperor was shocked. Although he managed to react, Cang Tian ao was already prepared. He was so fast that the Tian can demon Emperor could not react in time.

“Uh …”

The Tian can demon Emperor could only try his best to Dodge.

One had to admit that the Tian can demon Emperor was an experienced expert.

If he didn’t move to the side, Cang tianao’s fangs and celestial core power-enhanced Wolf mouth would directly snap his neck!

It was this instinctual movement that allowed the Tian can demonic Emperor to avoid being hit on his neck, saving his body from death!

However, this was already the limit of what he could do.

Cang tianao’s Wolf mouth still managed to bite the Tian can demon Emperor’s right shoulder.


Cang tianao used all his strength and tore off the Tian can demon Emperor’s right arm.

&Quot; ow … Owuu!!! &Quot;

The Tian can demon Emperor let out a hysterical scream. His face was twisted, and his eyes turned dark green.

&Quot; bro bei!!! &Quot;

Cang tianao spat out the severed arm of the crippled demon Emperor and looked at Chen Xiaobei.

“Don’t be nervous! I’m fine!”

Chen Xiaobei’s practicing body had already stuffed a blood Bodhi into his body’s mouth.

In less than three seconds, Chen Xiaobei’s body, which had been almost completely destroyed, had completely recovered. He stood up again, perfectly fine.

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