Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! Chapter 890 - Brother Lu, Long Time No See

Chapter 890: Brother Lu, Long Time No See

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Ravel raised the gla.s.s in front of Lu Jingye and acted as if he would not retract his hands until Lu Jingye took the gla.s.s from him.

Everyone stared at Lu Jingye and waited for his response.

Someone even advised Lu Jingye with a smile. “Mr. Lu, since Mr. Ravel is so sincere, you should receive this drink from him.”

They felt as though the relations.h.i.+p between the two families would be shattered if Lu Jingye refused to drink this gla.s.s of wine.

Even though there were many spectators, no one would deliberately make any encouraging comments.


After all, the biggest boss of the UP Group was General Hank. Moreover, they were currently in General Hank’s territory.

Lu Jingye looked into Ravel’s eyes.

While he revealed a sincere expression, he was very certain deep down inside that Lu Jingye could only drink this gla.s.s of wine.

Just then, Lu Jingye took the gla.s.s from him. Before Ravel could reveal a smile, he said, “I will drink, but it’s uncertain if there will be a chance to cooperate in the future.”

What he said obviously meant that there would not be any cooperation between the two families in the future.

Ravel’s expression changed before it returned to normal in the next second. “Mr. Lu shouldn’t be so sure. Perhaps there will be a day when we will really cooperate.”

“Is that so?” Lu Jingye said meaningfully before he finished the gla.s.s of wine.

Subsequently, he put the gla.s.s back on the tray before taking back his previously unfinished gla.s.s.

Ravel looked at Lu Jingye. He had clearly won by getting Lu Jingye to drink the gla.s.s of wine, but he did not feel the slightest joy of winning at all. Instead, he was a little annoyed.

He clasped the empty gla.s.s in his own hand and thought bitterly, “Lu Jingye, since you’re so untactful, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Lu Jingye did not spare him another glance at all and casually chatted with the others.

Ravel stood there for some time and after traces of a calculating look flashed past his eyes, he turned around and headed towards the door.

Sometime later, he appeared together with a lady wearing a princess dress.

There were many people who noticed their arrival.

“Isn’t that General Hank’s granddaughter, Miss Aisha?”

“Yes, that’s her. I haven’t seen Miss Aisha appearing in public for a long time. I didn’t expect her to have become so beautiful.”

“I heard that Miss Aisha was in poor health some time back and she was recuperating.”

“It’s no wonder. Isn’t Aisha fond of Lu Jingye? For her to make a sudden appearance today, did she come for Lu Jingye?”

“It must be so.”

“But Lu Jingye is already married. What kind of emotions would she feel when facing him?”

Even if they were big shots, they were still interested in gossip.

Everyone was staring at them.

Ravel and Aisha made their way straight to Lu Jingye.

Aisha greeted Lu Jingye in a very ladylike manner. “Brother Lu, long time no see.”

Lu Jingye maintained his gentle and polite expression, but everyone sensed that he was alienating himself from Aisha.

“Miss Aisha, long time no see.”

When Aisha heard such polite words from him, she revealed a sad look on her face. “When did Brother Lu become so polite with me?”

Lu Jingye did not give anyone the opportunity to misunderstand Aisha’s words as he immediately followed up with a smile. “You are my Grandfather’s friend’s granddaughter. It’s right to be polite with you.”

Lu Jingye continued to speak, “What’s more, I have a wife now and I hope that Miss Aisha would refrain from making comments that my wife would misunderstand.”

Aisha lowered her eyes and it seemed as though she had suffered a huge blow.

Just as everyone thought the scenario would develop in a heartbreaking way, Aisha looked up and said with a smile, “Brother Lu has misunderstood me. In fact, I’ve always treated you like a brother. After I recover, I will definitely make a trip to China to see how beautiful my sister-in-law is to be able to have Brother Lu fall for her.”

The corner of Lu Jingye’s lips slightly curved up as he said, “Okay.”

Everyone clearly knew that they were saying perfunctory words, but they did not manage to detect any insincerity in their words.

Just then, a staff member carrying two of wine came up to them and stopped beside them.

Aisha took a gla.s.s and pa.s.sed it to Lu Jingye. “Brother Lu, you are my brother’s good friend and since he’s not here tonight, I’ll toast to you on his behalf.”

Lu Jingye stared at Aisha’s face.

There was a lady-like smile on Aisha’s face and she was acting as though Rick was still alive.

There was not the slightest change in Lu Jingye’s expression. He calmly took the gla.s.s from her and just then, his a.s.sistant came forward.

Shao Hua pushed the spectacles up on the bridge of his nose and he said to Aisha, “Miss Aisha, Mrs. Lu has specially informed me that she would be jealous if a lady were to propose a toast to Mr. Lu. However, the President must accept the toast to show respect and so, I will be drinking on his behalf instead. Since Miss Aisha is so considerate, I believe you wouldn’t want to see the President and his wife at odds, right?”

Everyone was shocked by his words.

Was something like this possible?

Even Aisha was stunned.

Shao Hua really took the gla.s.s from Lu Jingye’s hands and finished it in one breath. Following that, he handed the gla.s.s in his hand back to Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye raised his gla.s.s toward Aisha and said, “To show my apology, I’ll propose a toast to you.”

Immediately afterwards, she finished her gla.s.s.

The atmosphere suddenly turned a little awkward.

However, Lu Jingye and Shao Hua looked calm.

Aisha’s expression changed several times, but she ended up finis.h.i.+ng the gla.s.s of wine in her hands.

Following that, she put the gla.s.s aside and turned to leave.

Ravel immediately followed her and asked, “Cousin, where are you going?”

“To rest.”

Everyone looked at Aisha who was leaving before giving Lu Jingye a strange expression.

Lu Jingye looked up and said, “I am quite optimistic about the emerging X industry this year.”

Everyone immediately became interested in the conversation and started to discuss the prospect in this industry.

Around ten minutes or so later, Shao Hua whispered to Lu Jingye, “President, there’s something wrong with the wine.”

Lu Jingye motioned to him. “Go back to the car first. There’s an antidote prepared inside.”

Shao Hua nodded his head and turned around to leave.

Just then, Lu Jingye walked up to General Hank with a gla.s.s of wine.

General Hank looked at him with a sharp and murderous gaze.

Lu Jingye raised his gla.s.s and said, “General Hank, I brought a message from my Grandfather. He mentioned that the two of you haven’t met each other for dozens of years and if the opportunity arises, he wishes that he could meet you again. After all, both of you had gone through fire and water back in the day.”

Having said that, he finished the wine and said, “Thank you for your hospitality tonight. I can’t drink much and so, I’ll be making my way back first.”

He then put the gla.s.s on a staff member’s tray before he turned around with the intention to leave.

Hank looked at the young man who wanted to leave and suddenly made a gesture to the side. Subsequently, he raised his gla.s.s and said, “Everyone, do continue.”

And so, everyone continued to drink and converse with each other.

As soon as Lu Jingye made his way out, someone came after him.

“Mr. Lu, kindly hold on for a moment.”

The man behind him chased after him and said, “The General has prepared a small present for Mr. Lu and he placed it in his study. Mr. Lu, please follow me to retrieve the present.”

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