Chapter 654: Side Story Nine

Beibei wrapped his arms around his neck and asked, “Uncle, then where are we going now? Mommy said that if I encountered danger and she and Daddy weren’t by my side, I should find a place where no one else can find me and hide. Why don’t we hide together?”


After Nangong Yi nodded, he said to the robot, “Where does the leader of the organization live? Lead the way.”

Compared to hiding elsewhere, it was better to go to the most dangerous place. It was safer.

The robot led the two of them away from the people who were searching for them as they walked towards the leader’s residence.

A few times, the two of them were almost discovered by those people. However, in the end, they were all lured away by the robots.

The inside of the organization was huge. The more they walked towards the leader’s residence, the more surprised Nangong Yi was by the architectural style inside.

Even Beibei quietly said to him, “Uncle, the pond here looks like the pond Mommy likes.”

“Uncle, there’s such a pavilion at our home too.”

“Uncle, our house has those flowers too.”

Hearing Beibei say this, Nangong Yi felt even more strange.

When the two of them walked to the place where the leader of the organization lived, sure enough, no one came here to search. Moreover, this place was very quiet, so quiet that it was as if the leader was the only one living in the entire courtyard. There wasn’t even a servant.

It was because of this that Nangong Yi raised his guard.

When Nangong Yi carried Beibei and quietly walked into the inner courtyard, Beibei suddenly pulled Nangong Yi’s collar and said, “Uncle, someone is looking at us.”

Nangong Yi was shocked.

He actually hadn’t sensed anything.

In the next second, a gust of wind blew past. He felt that his arms were empty, and then he saw a man in a black robe carrying Beibei with his back facing him.

Nangong Yi’s heart tightened as he roared furiously, “Don’t hurt Beibei!”

Beibei was also frightened by the fact that she was suddenly in another person’s embrace. Only after Nangong Yi shouted did she snap back to her senses.

She looked at the person in front of her and started crying.

“Don’t cry.” The man’s voice was a little hoa.r.s.e. If one listened carefully, they could hear that he was kind of at a loss.

However, Nangong Yi could tell. He looked at the black-robed person strangely. “Who are you?”

The black-robed person turned around and looked at him.

Nangong Yi looked at him in surprise. “You’re Junior’s father?”

The black-robed person frowned in displeasure but didn’t deny it.

Nangong Yi was extremely surprised. “Are you really Junior’s father?”

The black-robed man pursed his lips and carried Beibei towards the door.

Beibei was still crying. Nangong Yi quickly followed him and said, “Beibei doesn’t know you. Why don’t you let me carry her?”

Chu Yichen stopped and looked at the little one on his arm. Seeing that she was crying, his brows furrowed.

“Stop crying,” he said. His voice subconsciously softened, but his voice was cold to begin with. No matter how soft it was, it couldn’t stop Beibei from crying.

Nangong Yi looked at Chu Yichen’s back and thought that since this person was Beibei’s grandfather, he definitely wouldn’t do anything to Beibei. He relaxed and said to him, “Beibei is very obedient. Why don’t you put her down and let her walk by herself?”

Chu Yichen looked at Beibei.

Beibei was sobbing so hard that her pet.i.te body was trembling. She looked very pitiful.

In the end, Chu Yichen put her down.

As soon as Beibei regained her freedom, she immediately ran towards Nangong Yi.

Nangong Yi caught her and pulled her into his arms. He coaxed, “Beibei, don’t be afraid. He’s your grandfather. He won’t hurt you.”

Only then did Beibei stop crying. However, she was still a little afraid and didn’t dare to look at Chu Yichen directly.

After a while, she secretly glanced at him. What she saw made her quickly bury her head in Nangong Yi’s arms again.

Chu Yichen’s eyes carried a murderous aura. Even though he tried his best to restrain himself, his gaze was still so sharp that it frightened Beibei.

Chu Yichen had mixed feelings when he saw Beibei’s reaction.

He turned around and continued walking towards the door. As he walked, he said, “Come in.”

Nangong Yi carried Beibei and followed.

He looked at Chu Yichen’s back as he walked and seemed to have guessed something. When Chu Yichen sat down, he finally asked, “You’re the leader of the organization?”


Nangong Yi was extremely surprised.

“Then why… did you still deal with Junior and the others?”


Chu Yichen’s words were too concise. Nangong Yi had to guess what he meant as he listened. “You mean, you didn’t get anyone to deal with Junior and the others? It was your subordinate who secretly took on the job?”



Nangong Yi was silent.

Chu Yichen was also silent.

The living room was extremely quiet.

Beibei didn’t know why the two of them suddenly stopped talking. She was a little thirsty, so she secretly tugged at Nangong Yi’s clothes.

Nangong Yi and Chu Yichen looked at her at the same time.

Beibei looked up at Nangong Yi and said, “Uncle, Beibei is thirsty.”

Nangong Yi was about to speak when something flashed in front of him. In the next second, a gla.s.s of water was handed to them.

Beibei and Nangong Yi looked up at Chu Yichen at the same time with the same shocked expression.

Chu Yichen frowned when he saw that they weren’t moving.

Nangong Yi immediately came back to his senses and quickly took the gla.s.s of water from his hand. “Thank you.”

Then, he tested the temperature of the water. Seeing that it was warm water, he gave it to Beibei to drink.

Beibei was really thirsty, for she gulped down a few mouthfuls before stopping.

Nangong Yi and Chu Yichen felt their hearts ache when they saw her like this.

At that moment, a voice came from outside the courtyard. “Reporting to Chief.”

Chu Yichen frowned in displeasure and a murderous aura emanated from his body.

“Come in.”

The footsteps quickly approached the door, and someone walked in.

“Leader, we… Uh…”

When that person saw Nangong Yi sitting there and Beibei in his arms, he was so surprised that he forgot to say anything.

Chu Yichen asked in a low voice, displeased, “What is it?”

That person pointed at the two of them. “He… they… Ouch…”

While that person’s finger was being cut off by a sharp weapon, Nangong Yi covered Beibei’s eyes with his warm and wide palm.

Chu Yichen looked at Beibei with a trace of frustration.

He said to that person in a low voice, “From now on, she’s the little mistress here. Whoever dares to be disrespectful to her again shall die.”

That person was so frightened that his body couldn’t help but tremble. He quickly replied with quivering lips, “Yes, yes.”

“Spread my word. Anyone who dares to hurt her again shall die.”


That person didn’t care about the pain of his broken hand. He covered the spot where the blood was flowing and turned to run out.

Nangong Yi looked at the blood and thought strangely, ‘How can Junior’s father be so powerful?’

At this moment, Beibei’s young voice sounded. “Uncle, Beibei wants to see.”

Worried that the blood would scare Beibei, Nangong Yi was about to speak.

With a flash, Chu Yichen disappeared out of the door.

Nangong Yi’s mouth was agape and he forgot to react.

A few seconds later, Chu Yichen appeared by the door with a bucket and a mop.

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