Chapter 1248: Rong Xiu Takes Action!

Elder Ouyang’s lips twitched. It’s fine if Shang Yulin wants to help Chu Yue himself, but he still yelled at me to go over? What is going on?

But seeing that the situation in the sky was indeed very urgent, Elder Ouyang clenched his fists. “I’ll help you this once, but you will have to return the favor!”

Then, he finally moved and rushed up to the sky!

On the mountain peak, Chu Liuyue’s figure was already covered by the countless lightning bolts, and one couldn’t see her clearly.

The sky was completely dark, and all the lightning bolts had just finished striking. But the Yuan instrument’s weapon soul was clearly not finished and needed more lightning bolts to be triggered.

Elder Ouyang floated in mid-air and crossed his arms before him. Then, a shocking aura instantly covered him!



He pointed at the sky! Very quickly, a loud sound spread from the overlapping dark clouds in the sky.

A silver bolt of lightning appeared once again! With this bolt, other lightning bolts naturally appeared.

In no time, the sky was illuminated with countless intersecting lightning bolts.

At this moment, Shang Yulin finally heaved a sigh of relief. If he were any later, we wouldn’t have made it. The closer we are to the end, the more we can’t relax!

He lowered his head to take a look and couldn’t help muttering, “There are so many lightning bolts. How did this kid manage to survive them…”

Didn’t they say that Chu Yue is only a stage-seven warrior? Even if these lightning bolts are headed for that Yuan instrument, he is standing right beside it and will be affected to some extent. Besides, he is the Chi Xiao Sword’s new owner, so he has to direct the force to nourish and refine the weapon soul.

The exhaustion of one’s energy and force is extremely terrifying. If it were another cultivator of the same grade, they would’ve already collapsed to the ground. But from start to end, Chu Yue seems very stable. I heard that he beat a stage-eight warrior as a stage-seven warrior…

“No wonder Elder Meng Ye takes so much notice of him…”

In the beginning, Shang Yuling didn’t really care about Chu Yue. He just thought that the latter was a kid who made trouble and was a little smart. But now, he finally realized that this Chu Yue was indeed capable!

The roars of dragons could be heard everywhere.

The tremendous suppression caused Chu Liuyue to be unable to breathe. She crazily circulated all the force in her body to pull out the sword bit by bit.

From the portion that appeared, one could already tell that it was a silver sword. It was roughly three fingers wide, thick in the middle, and had a very sharp blade.

Just from this glance, one could clearly feel the sharp and cold aura coming from it!

Chu Liuyue’s heart beat crazily, and she could only hear her blood flowing in her ears.

Even though she hadn’t completely unsheathed it, Chu Liuyue could already confirm that this Chi Xiao Sword was much stronger than the Long Yuan Sword by at least a hundred times!

This was a strength that couldn’t be compared to!

On it, some silver bolts of lightning flashed across.

The originally oppressive lightning bolts would have their strength absorbed or extinguished once they landed on the sword body.

In front of the Chi Xiao Sword, even the lightning bolts paled in comparison.

Chu Liuyue already couldn’t remember how many lightning bolts it had digested, but as time pa.s.sed, she gradually felt that there was something gathering within the Chi Xiao Sword.

And the strange connection between her and it became increasingly stronger. It was so strong that… At this moment, she could faintly feel how much strength was being absorbed as the lightning bolts coursed through the Chi Xiao Sword.

The supreme Yuan instrument s.n.a.t.c.hed the strength from countless lightning bolts to refine its weapon soul! It showed how oppressive it was!

At this point, the few people on Million Wine Mountain had their attention on the Chi Xiao Sword. But not far below Chu Liuyue, a strange change was also taking place in the not too big fountain.

The calm waters rippled slightly, and countless lightning bolts gathered under the water, swimming around and intersecting with each other.

A red figure was buried within—it was Tuan Zi!

The surrounding lightning bolts kept swimming around Tuan Zi as its aura changed slightly!

The Chi Xiao Sword used up the lightning bolts at an increasingly higher rate.

Not long later, Elder Ouyang realized that the number of lightning bolts in the sky kept decreasing. He couldn’t help but turn around to take a look. “Why does it take so much for this thing to refine its weapon soul!?”

The speed at which he triggered lightning bolts couldn’t catch up with its absorption speed!

Shang Yulin also noticed this situation and couldn’t help furrowing his brows tightly.

The Chi Xiao Sword was even more formidable than he had predicted, so they needed even more lightning bolts to refine it continuously. But he was already at the end of his wits, and Elder Ouyang wasn’t any better.

Perhaps… it wasn’t enough even if the both of them tried their best!

At this point, a tall figure silently appeared in mid-air.

Rong Xiu glanced at the sky, looking extremely calm. Then, he raised his hand slightly.


Almost in the blink of an eye, countless lightning bolts appeared in the clouds again! Without any hesitation, these lightning bolts struck downward!

At that moment, it seemed like a rain of silver swords!

Elder Ouyang and Shang Yulin looked back in shock.

“What the heck! Since when did Rong Xiu become so strong?!” Shang Yulin couldn’t help but curse.

Elder Ouyang swallowed a mouthful of saliva with much difficulty. “How would I know!?”

Rong Xiu actually broke through to this cultivation level after so few years?!

At this point, Chu Liuyue finally pulled the Chi Xiao Sword out from the sheath completely!

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